Christmas Cookie Countdown 2010

Christmas Cookie Countdown 2010


Christmas Cookie Countdown 2009 was such a popular feature last year that we've decided to do Christmas Cookie Countdown 2010!  Each week in Quick and Easy Recipes (subscribe today!), we'll feature a new recipe and take you to the countdown with ALL the Christmas cookie recipes.  Here you go...and be sure to download our ever-popular 50 Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes free eCookbook!


Christmas Cookie Countdown 2010


110.     Soft Gingerbread Cookies — Gingerbread cookies are great for the winter months and softer gingerbread cookies are even better. The smell of cinnamon and allspice remind me of the great Christmas times with family.


109.     Almond Cookies — For quick and easy cookie recipes make these Almond Cookies. With very basic and budget friendly ingredients, along with easy to follow directions you can get tasty, almond flavored cookies in no time.


108.     Cashew Nut Cookies — These colorful green and red Cashew Nut Cookies are a perfect fit to add to your Christmas cookie recipes list. It's a quick and easy cookie recipe to make and absolutely scrumptious.


107.     Butter Pecan Cookies — Sure to be popular among cookie recipes, make these Butter Pecan Cookies for your next holiday party. They're fast, easy to make and taste divine.


106.     Timeless Gingerbread Cookies — A favorite among kids for generations, when it comes to Christmas cookie recipes the gingerbread man is one of the most popular. So check out this recipe for Timeless Gingerbread Man Cookies and make some memories with your kids.


105.     Chewy Sugar Cookies — Need a quick and easy cookie recipe? Look no further than these Chew Sugar Cookies, great for all occasions. This sugar cookie recipe has that great classic taste.


104.     Brazilian Coffee Cookies — Wake up your senses with these heavenly Brazilian Coffee Cookies. A quick and easy cookie recipe that can be enjoyed all year round or be made special for holidays.


103.     Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies — Bring some Christmas aroma into your cooking with Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Adding cinnamon to your chocolate chip cookie recipe is a sure fire way to add a new dimension of complimentary flavor.


102.     Christmas Angel Cookies — These tasty tannenbaum biscuits are the perfect addition to your holiday table. As cute Christmas cookies go, these rank at the top. They're fun to make, use and eat. Bake a batch with your family and enjoy!


101.     Fruit-Nut Christmas Cookies — My family loves these fruit-nut Christmas cookies, and not just at Christmastime. They're fun to make, super delicious to eat, and they make great gifts too - just put them in a cute tin for any holiday, birthdays included!


100.     Creamy Caramel Christmas Cookies — You'll never find easy Christmas cookie recipes as tasty as this one for creamy caramel Christmas cookies. There's even chocolate, which makes them perfect in my book! Try them today and see how delectable creamy caramel Christmas cookies really are.


99.      Christmas Fruitcake Cookies — Don't let the word "fruitcake" in these yummy Christmas fruitcake cookies scare you off. Real fruitcake isn't bad, and these Christmas cookies are truly scrumptious! Totally worth making - your family and friends will be begging for the recipe.


98.     Christmas Tree Cookies — Don't you love decorating the tree for Christmas? Now you can decorate these Christmas tree cookies, too! This recipe makes such cute Christmas cookies, you'll want to make them for home, for work, for parties. You name it — folks will love 'em!


97.     Christmas Wreath Cookies — Nothing says "cute Christmas cookies" like these adorable, yummy Christmas wreath cookies. Let the kids help decorate and play some Christmas music while you're working together in the kitchen. Such fun!


96.     Tasty Tannebaum Biscuits — These tasty tannenbaum biscuits are the perfect addition to your holiday table. As cute Christmas cookies go, these rank at the top. They're fun to make, use and eat. Bake a batch with your family and enjoy!

95.     Heavenly Cutouts Christmas Cookies — A bit of a twist on your typical sugar cookie, the addition of sour cream might make this a top Christmas cookie recipe for you. Make a batch of Heavenly Cutouts Christmas Cookies for your next holiday gathering.

94.     Irish Christmas Cookies — Bring some unique flavor to your Christmas cookie recipes with these Irish Christmas Cookies. Thanks to the Irish whiskey you'll get a bit of a kick that's sure to wake up your senses.

93.     Italian White Christmas Cookies — Make these delicious Italian White Christmas Cookies for the holidays this year, you'll be sure to have your guest raving for more. It was voted in my house as one of the best Christmas cookie recipes ever, a real Italian treat.

92.     Fattigmann — Fattigmann may sound like a funny name, but these Norwegian Christmas cookies are really good! Sweet and delicious, these cookies are some of the best Christmas cookies around.

91.     Soft Christmas Cookie — Making Christmas cookie recipes is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. For a delicious but simple cookie try making the Soft Christmas Cookie recipe into a batch, they're so good.

90.     Spekulatius (Christmas Spice Cookie) — A German Christmas treat, make these easy and delicious Spekulatius (Christmas Spice Cookie) as a gift or for a holiday party. With so many Christmas cookie recipes out there, bring some new traditions to your home.

89.     French Christmas Cookies — These French Christmas cookies are one of the yummiest, easy kids Christmas cookies recipes I've seen in a long time. They are cute and tasty and fun to make. Bake them with your kids today!

88.     Holiday Chocaholic Cookies — For easy Christmas Cookie recipes that are perfect for making a large group, check out these tempting Holiday Chocaholic Cookies. They are perfect for the chocolate lovers among your friends and family.

87.     English Toffee Cookies — Make up a batch of English Toffee Cookies and you are sure to please a crowd, your family, or even just yourself. I love easy cookie recipes and this one doesn't disappoint.

86.     Great Pumpkin Cookies — I was looking for yummy holiday cookie recipes and was excited to find these Great Pumpkin Cookies. I made them for the kids when we got back from pumpkin picking, they'll be wonderful for Thanksgiving.

85.     Oatmeal Coconut Cookies — A different twist on your standard oatmeal cookie recipes, this recipe adds a tropical flair to each bite. The Oatmeal Coconut Cookies are so good I had a hard time not eating the batter.

84.     Crunchy Potato Chip Cookie — Looking for unusual cookie recipes to introduce at your next holiday party? Well I've found what you're looking for with this Crunchy Potato Chip Cookie recipe. I used to love adding potato chips to all sorts of food, these are great!

83.     Magic Cookie Bars — What's magic about these cookies? How quickly they disappear from the plate, that's what. These Magic Cookie Bars were a huge hit at my house and are loaded with yummy ingredients. A great among cookie recipes.

82.     Snowball Cookies — With so many to choose among holiday cookie recipes it can be hard to decide. Well you must add this one to your cookie menu. These Snowball Cookies are light and delicious and perfect for Christmas.

81.     Baby Ruth Cookies — Candy flavored cookie recipes don't get any more delicious than this fun to make bunch. Please you holiday crowd, party or just yourself by making these Baby Ruth Cookies.

80.     Banana Drop Cookies — Who needs banana bread when you can make delicious Banana Drop Cookies instead. These banana cookies rival other cookie recipes I've seen for its moistness and pleasing flavors. Make some for your next Christmas or holiday gathering.

79.     Banana Fudge Cookies — Banana and Fudge, that's really all I needed to know when I saw this recipe. You'll have a blast making and eating these Banana Fudge Cookies. My friends voted this one of the best cookie recipes I've ever made.

78.     Fluffy Angel Food Cookies — For a simple basic cookie recipe that's sure to be a hit try these Fluffy Angel Food Cookies. So light and delicious, sometimes simple really is best. They're a big hit for those looking for lower fat cookie options.

77.     Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies — A perfect combination these Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies are so moist you won't even believe it. This is one chewy oatmeal cookie recipe you won't soon forget and your friends and family are sure to keep asking for.

76.     Butterscotch Brownie Cookies — A scrumptious treat that's sure to be a winner are the Butterscotch Brownie Cookies. They totally melt in your mouth not to mention it's a quick and easy cookie recipe, what's not to like?

75.     Banana Spice Cookies — Make them around the holidays or any time these Banana Spice Cookies are wonderful. They became such a hit in my house and my friends were shocked to learn at what a quick and easy cookie recipe it really is.

74.     Carrot Cookies — If you like carrot cake you won't be able to get enough of this quick and easy cookie recipe. Carrot Cookies are all the rage, make them instead of cake or cupcakes if you want to impress at your next party.

73.     Chinese Almond Cookies — Break out of your standard cookie box by making these Chinese Almond Cookies. If you were looking for a homemade sugar cookie recipe that would stand out you found it, they are to die for!


72.     Chewy Chocolate Cookies — There's nothing better than an extra chocolaty, chewy cookie. That's what you'll get with these Chewy Chocolate Cookies which have quickly becoming the best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe I've seen.

71.     Rolled Animal Cookies — Remember animal cookies? Well they just got million times better with this quick and easy cookie recipe. Have fun making some Rolled Animal Cookies with your kids, they will have a blast decorating them.

70.     Chocolate Crinkle Cookies — A cookie recipe that will stand the test of time, so good and so easy. These Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are heavenly little bites that are a perfect addition to any holiday party.

69.     Amazing Cashew Cookies — One of my dad's favorite things are cashews, so of course he went wild for these Amazing Cashew Cookies I baked him for his birthday. If you're a fan of cashews you'll want to make this quick and easy cookie recipe.

68.     Cherry Winks — This cookie recipe is one heck of a unique blend of ingredients, including maraschino cherries and cornflakes. Try making up these Cherry Winks and introduce a new cookie at your next holiday gathering.

67.     Choco-Peanut Drops — A delicious pairing in a quick and easy cookie recipe, these Choco-Peanut Drops are mouth-watering. A favorite among chocolate and peanut butter lovers, enjoy!

66.     Heavenly Butter Cookies — A chewy sugar cookie recipe that can melt in your mouth is simply the best. That's exactly what you get with these easy Heavenly Butter Cookies, melt in your mouth deliciousness.

65.     Chocolate Coconut Macaroons — Shake up that same old list of holiday cookie recipes and make some delicious Chocolate Coconut Macaroons. These cookies are very simple to make and taste great.

64.     Pepper Snaps — Perfect flavors for the holiday season, these Pepper Snaps are a quick and easy cookie recipe to tackle. You can make up a batch to give out as gifts or bring to a party.

63.     Fudgy Bonbons — If you're looking for a cookie recipe that can make a huge batch for a party or gathering, then check out these Fudgy Bonbons. They're scrumptious and appealing to the eye.

62.     Cranberry Spiral Cookies — I can't get enough of these Cranberry Spiral Cookies. They are perfect to use for holiday cookie recipes, makes a great gift and are appealing to the eye.

61.     Christmas Nut Crescent Cookies — As easy Christmas cookie recipes go, this one is really special. Simple, but these Christmas Nut Crescent Cookies have such a divine taste. Melt away.

60.     Walnut Crescents — Make up this quick and easy cookie recipe for a last minute bring to a dinner party or holiday event. So delicious, these Walnut Crescents melt in your mouth.

59.     Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookie Drops — Make life easier with simple cookie recipes and have fun baking. Get yourself started with these wonderful Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookie Drops. You can't go wrong.

58.     Sesame-Seed Mint Cookies — These adorable no bake Sesame Seed Mint Cookies are so much fun! Thanks to the vanilla wafer outside and chocolate mint wafer center they look like little hamburgers! This cookie recipe is one you just have to make.

57.     Pine-Nut Crescents — For an absolutely delicious and unique new cookie recipe try making up these Pine Nut Crescents. With a blending of flavors that includes vanilla, honey, nutmeg and orange, then topped off with pine nuts, this is sure to become a favorite.

56.    Chocolate Snappers — If you're in need of making a large of amount cookies you'll need a quick and easy cookie recipe, like this one! These Chocolate Snappers are a tasty little cookie that make a perfect holiday treat.

55.     Mint Spritz Cookies — A delightful cookie recipe with peppermint and vanilla flavors, these Mint Spritz Cookies are a wonderful addition to any holiday party. Add a Hershey Kiss candy on top for even more yummy fun.

54.     Great Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies — It's not just about crescents, sugar and mint cookies for the holiday season, pumpkin cookie recipes are popular too! Make up these Great Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies and be sure to add them to your favorite holiday cookie recipes list.

53.     Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies — A perfect blend of brown and white sugar with cinnamon makes this cookie recipe heavenly. Make a batch of these warm Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies and experience the pleasant flavors.

52.     Candy Cane Twist Cookies — For a cute and yummy top Christmas cookie recipe think candy canes! These sweet Candy Cane Twist Cookies are fun to make and make perfect gifts.

51.     Secret Kiss Cookies — Got a crush on someone, how about making them some of these Secret Kiss Cookies. They won't be able to resist you once they try these yummy cookies. These cookies are perfect for holiday cookie recipes too, pleasant to look at and eat!

50.      Peppermint Snowballs — These Peppermint Snowballs are one of the best Christmas cookie recipes ever. With ingredients that include cream cheese, candy canes and vanilla you'll have a blast making and eating these holiday cookies. 

49.      Easy Lemon Cookies — This quick and easy cookie recipe only has 4 ingredients! Wonderfully tasty and simple, you'll really enjoy these Easy Lemon Cookies.

48.     Amazing Madeleines — Make up some of the Amazing Madeleines for your next holiday party. This cookie recipe is just to die for and we'll be a sure hit amongst party goers.

47.     Lemon Cooler Cookies — If you are a lemon fan you are going to adore these Lemon Cooler Cookies. Such a quick and easy cookie recipe to make and they came out amazing!

46.     Caramel Cookie Bars — For an absolutely scrumptious and hard to resist cookie recipe try making up these Caramel Cookie Bars. Not only are they easy, the recipe makes about 40 cookie bars so it’s perfect for parties and big gatherings. Enjoy!

45.     Molasses Oatmeal Raisin Cookies — Looking for outstanding new holiday cookie recipes? Then make up a batch of these Molasses Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, rich and delicious you can't go wrong.

44.     Plump Pumpkin Cookies — Looking for outstanding new holiday cookie recipes? Then make up a batch of these Molasses Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, rich and delicious you can't go wrong.

43.     Easy, Zesty Orange Cookies — Check out this fabulous cookie recipe! Are you a fan of oranges? Then you are going to love these Easy, Zesty Orange Cookies, simple to make and taste amazing!

42.      Angel Food Cookies — You won't believe how much you'll enjoy these angel food cookies. It's the best of both worlds, because these cookies will remind you of angel food cake. Try this cookie recipe for Christmas or any time of year!

41.      Apple Sandwich Cookies — Here's a great cookie recipe that combines the flavors of the holiday season with brown sugar and golden syrup. Apple sandwich cookies are perfect for Christmas and will make for a wonderful dessert dish.

40.      Banana Rum Puffs— This yummy recipe will have you craving banana rum puffs all the time! For Christmas though, these cookies would make a great after dinner dessert. Try this easy cookie recipe and impress your family with these puffs.

39.      Brown Edge Cookies — Here's a simple cookie recipe that you can use for the Christmas season or really any time of year. If you're looking to make cookies that will please the whole crowd, make brown edge cookies. They're yummy and easy to make!

38.      Christmas Butter Cookies — There's nothing better than butter cookies. And on Christmas, you've gotta have great cookies. Make these Christmas butter cookies for a sweet treat on the special holiday.

37.      Walnut Cookies — Walnut cookies are sweet treats that also pack a crunch. This easy cookie recipe will not disappoint-they call for a great fusion of flavors that you'll love. Enjoy this cookie recipe on special holidays like Christmas too.

36.      Treasure Cookies — This easy recipe combines coconut flakes, graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips for a sweet, delicious result. Treasure cookies will become a new cookie favorite. Try it today!

35.      Banana Jumbos — Bananas and chocolate make a great combo. You can't go wrong with cookies that take these flavors and turn them into a delicious dessert. Banana Jumbos are the perfect fruity cookie for Christmas or any time.

34.      Benne Cookies — Here's a melt in your mouth cookie recipe that's sure to please. Benne cookies are both fun to make and eat! This also makes for a great Christmas cookie recipe.

33.      Black and White Christmas Cookies — This is an easy cookie recipe you can make for the holiday season or anytime the cookie craving kicks in. Black and white Christmas cookies will deliver a sweet treat you can serve to guests on the special holiday.

32.     Bliss Date-Filled Oatmeal Cookies — For a holiday cookie, why not make bliss date-filled oatmeal cookies? These comforting cookies are great for Christmas. Make this easy cookie recipe to please the whole family with a tasty dessert.   

31.      Wine Drop Cookies — Wine Drop cookies are small dessert bites perfect for a tasty treat after dinner. It's an easy cookie recipe that you can also turn to during the holiday season. Enjoy these wonderful treats.

30.     White Chunk Macademia Cookies — Coconut flakes, macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips - how can these cookies be anything but delicious with these great ingredients? Try this top Christmas cookie recipe for the holidays too!

29.      Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie — Nothing tops the original, basic chocolate chip cookie. Don't forget about this simple, easy and yummy recipe for the holidays! The chocolate chip cookie is always pleases the crowd.

28.      Toffee Cookies — Toffee cookies combine two sweet treats into one recipe. These cookies pack a crunch along with the sweet flavors of brown sugar and chocolate chips. You can use this easy cookie recipe for Christmas dessert as well!

27.      Buttery Caramel Quicks — These cookies say it all in their name: Buttery Caramel Quicks are buttery, have caramel and are quick! What's not to love about this easy cookie recipe? Not to mention, they would make for a great Christmas dessert.

26.      Cappuccino Flats — After Christmas dinner, it's nice to serve the family coffee and holiday cookies. Here's a great recipe for just that! Cappuccino flats are delicious cookies, perfect for Christmas. Give this top Christmas cookie recipe a try this year.

25.      Cereal Killer Cookies — The kids will love to help you make these fun cookies. Cereal killer cookies are yummy and unlike any cookies you've made recently. And for Christmas, this is a fun, easy recipe to switch things up in the kitchen.

24.      Butterscotch Rolled Cookies — This recipe allows you to create fancy shaped and glazed cookies that are just as delicious as they are adorable! Butterscotch Rolled Cookies are great for the holiday season.

23.      Butter Pecan Christmas Cookies — Just look at the ingredients list and instructions and you'll see how easy these fantastic cookies are to make. The holiday season is hard enough, save yourself the trouble and make Butter Pecan Christmas Cookies for a simple, yummy cookie recipe.

22.      Ultimate Choclate Chip Cookies — There are chocolate chip cookies, and then there's the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you haven't tried to this recipe yet, you should! You'll end up with delicious cookies and a recipe to keep on file!

21.      Bon Bon Cookies — Bon Bon cookies are fun to make for Christmas and with a few different options of how to make them, the choice is up to you. Create bon bon cookies with chocolate icing for a twist.

20.     Cheddar Cheese Cookies — That's right- they're called Cheddar Cheese Cookies. Here's a cookie recipe for the adventurous. It may be a unique kind of cookie, but they are actually delicious. Go ahead and try them for yourself!

19.      Chewy Coconut Macaroons — For a cookie with the great flavors of coconut, follow this simple recipe and make chewy coconut macaroons. These cookies go great with coffee so serve them to your holiday guests after dinner.

18.      Sour Cream Sugar Cookies — What sounds better for your Christmas dessert this year than homemade Sour Cream Sugar Cookies? It's everything you love about sugar cookies with the added creamy taste of sour cream. They make for a great holiday cookie!

17.      Sunny Oatmeal Cookies — Here's a bright idea (pun intended) for Christmas this year- make these sunny oatmeal cookies to serve your guests! It's an easy cookie recipe you'll love and be proud to share with family and friends.

16.     Thick Molasses Cookies — For Christmas, flavors like ginger and cinnamon are truly appropriate. These great cookies call for Christmas specific ingredients and are easy to make! Perfect and just in time for the holiday season, make Thick Molasses Cookies.

15.     Butter Pecan Ice Box Cookies — Here's a wonderful idea for the holiday season- why not make these Butter Pecan Ice Box cookies to switch things up a bit? The recipe calls for pecans and brown sugar, already a delicious combo. Try them this Christmas!

14.     Anzac Cookies — For a crispy cookie recipe, try the Anzac Cookies. They're great for Christmas or any time of year. This cookie will please everyone - serve this holiday season as a sweet treat.

13.     Anise Hyssop Flower Drop Cookies — If you're looking for a cookie recipe that calls for truly unique ingredients, try following this easy cookie recipe. Anise Hyssop Flower Drop cookies will be the big hit at Christmas this year. For an adventurous cookie, give these a try.

12.     Christmas Cheery Oatmeal Cookies — Christmas Cheery Oatmeal Cookies are delicious treats that are perfect for the holiday season. With a fruity and sweet taste from the cherries mixed with the crunchy goodness from the oats, these cookies will please your taste buds!

11.     Checkerboard Cookies — These cookies have a fun name and are fun to make! Checkerboard Cookies would be a wonderful dessert to serve on Christmas. For an easy Christmas cookie recipe, turn to these fun treats.

10.     Chocolate Rads — With tons of great recipes, it's hard to tell which might be the best Christmas cookie recipe ever, but Chocolate Rads should be nominated! These wonderful chocolate and coffee cookies taste and look great. They'd be a nice dessert for Christmas too.

9.      Christmas Cake Mix Cookies — What's better than cookies and cake? Make these Christmas Cake Mix Cookies and you'll have the best of both worlds. These cookies make for a wonderful dessert. An easy cookie recipe you can make in no time!

8.      Chewy Ginger Cookies — hewy Ginger Cookies are a yummy treat everyone will love to eat! Try this simple cookie recipe for Christmas this year and your cookies will be a hit. It's a quick cookie recipe so it's one less thing to stress over during the holiday season.

7.     Chocolate Almond Macaroons — Macaroons are always great, but these Chocolate Almond Macaroons are really tasty! If you're looking for an easy Christmas cookie recipe, try making these cookies. You'll love how much everyone enjoys them.

6.     Chocolate Macadamia Cookies with White Chocolate Chunks — What's in a name? Chocolate Macadamia Cookies with White Chocolate Chunks - sounds pretty great right? This easy to make cookie recipe has everything you want. It's got chocolate, it's got crunch and it's an overall delicious recipe!

5.     Chocolate Spritz —     Nothing says Christmas cookies like traditional Spritz. Chocolate Spritz are a simple upgrade because chocolate is added! Follow this easy cookie recipe and serve up the holiday favorite (with a bit of a twist).

4.     Coconut Mini Kiss Macaroons — Create Coconut Mini Kiss Macaroons for family and guests. They'll be impressed by how yummy these cookies are. You'll be surprised by how easy they are to make. No one needs to know all you did was follow this simple cookie recipe!

3.     Crescent Cookies — To make a cookie with an interesting shape, why not make Crescent Cookies? These cookies would be great for holidays or just an after school snack. The kids will love them and you will too. Sounds like a great cookie recipe to us!

2.     Cry Baby Cookies — They're your cookies and you can cry if you want to. Cry Baby Cookies are a nice little pick me up. Try making these yummy cookies and watch your mood turn right around! It's amazing what a delicious cookie can do.   

1.     Devils' Food Cookies — These cookies are so good it's sinful. Try making Devils' Food Cookies and join the dark side. The simple cookie recipe is easy to follow and creates delicious treats.

0.     Dunking Oatmeal Cookies — These cookies are great for, you guessed it, dunking. Here's a great cookie recipe to make Dunking Oatmeal Cookies. Just follow the easy steps and you'll end up with delicious cookies, ready for a pool full of milk. Enjoy.


Hooray the holiday is here! I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Cookie Countdown.


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