Brazilian Recipes

Try a traditional Brazilian recipe from our collection of easy Brazilian recipes. Learn what popular Brazilian dishes are and find typical recipes from the culture.

Arroz Brasileiro (Brazilian Rice with Tomatoes…

A kind of Brazilian "dirty rice",sans meat. This recipe serves 8, so whip… More

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Abobora Refogada Brazilian Stewed Pumpkin

This is one of the more unusual pumpkin recipes I've seen, and is sure to… More

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Baked Bananas with Rum

A sweet and simple treat. Try this dessert tonight. More

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Brazilian Iced Chocolate with Coca cola

This fantastic chocolate and cola recipe is a Brazilian favorite. Make it… More

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Bananda Com Queijo ( Banana Paste with Cheese)

Here are two foods you might not be used to eating in combination: bananas… More

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