Portuguese Recipes

Looking to try something different for dinner? Look through our Portuguese recipes and find a delicious Portuguese corn bread recipe to complement our codfish and beans recipe. There are dozens of Portuguese recipes here, so try them all!

Azorean (Portuguese) Sopas Recipe

This dish is as exotic as the islands from which it hails. Azorean Sopas… More

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A Portuguese Dip Molho de Vilao

This onion-heavy Portuguese sauce is incredibly easy to make, and tastes… More

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Bifes Com Azedas (Sorrel and Spinach Steaks)

Good, old-fashioned steak-with-greens gets a Portuguese twist. Bifes Com… More

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Ameijoas Portuguesas (Portuguese Clams)

This Portuguese recipe is bold and salty. Serve delicious, garlicky clams… More

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Amjijoas Na Cataplana (Steamed Clams with Sausage…

The Iberian Peninsula meets the Italian Peninsula in this delightful… More

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