25 Ground Beef Casserole Recipes You'll Love


25 Ground Beef Casserole Recipes You'll Love

These ground beef casseroles hit the spot every time. Pick your favorite and get cooking!


Ground Beef Casserole Recipes Youll Love

Get your family running to the table with the promise of any one of these tasty ground beef casseroles! There is nothing more satisfying than a piping-hot, beefy casserole fresh from the oven, straight to your plate. 

The ground beef casseroles below use everything from cheesy biscuits and corn chips to tater tots and macaroni noodles to make dinner something you can't wait to sit down for at the end of the day. Kids and adults will swoon over these recipes over and over because they're just so mouth-wateringly good.

If you're looking for the perfect dish to make for dinner, choose from the selection below, and bring protein, flavor, and comfort to the table with ease.

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For starters, check out the video below for how to brown ground beef. This skill will come in handy when making any one of the recipes below!

Hearty Ground Beef Casseroles

John Wayne Casserole

These delicious ground beef cowboy casseroles and other Southwestern-inspired ground beef casseroles are sure to get your mouths watering. Some of our favorites include BBQ Chili Cheese Biscuit Casserole, John Wayne Layered Casserole, and Mamaw's Mexican Casserole. See which one you like the best and make it for your family tonight!

BBQ Chili Cheese Biscuit Casserole

There are so many delicious ingredients in this ground beef casserole! We love the idea of dressing up your regular dinner with some tangy BBQ sauce and a healthy serving of gooey Cheddar cheese. This flavor combination is a classic for a reason, and it's the perfect base for a fantastic weeknight dinner.

Taco Pie Casserole

Taco pie is one of those recipes that will bring the whole family to the table. This delicious casserole is piled high with seasoned ground beef, gooey cheese, and crispy corn chips. In each bite you'll get a burst of delicious flavor and a satisfying crunch. Serve with a little sour cream on the side and enjoy this twist on Taco Tuesday.

South of the Border Ground Beef Rice Casserole

This yummy Mexican-inspired beef and rice casserole is the perfect way to liven up your usual weeknight dinner. This dish takes a little longer to cook than some of the other recipes on this list, but we think it's totally worth it.

Perfect Tex-Mex Potato Bake

Would you describe your family as "meat and potatoes" folks? Then we have got you covered! This zesty Tex-Mex hamburger bake has all of the hearty ingredients that you love in a weeknight dinner. Plus it's bursting with fresh herbs and spices, and it's topped with a layer of melty cheese.

Easy BBQ Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tot casseroles are one of our favorite comfort foods, and we love that this one is so easy! The BBQ sauce does all of the work in providing fantastic flavor in this dish. Just bake this dish until the tater tots are golden and crispy, and then enjoy.

30-Minute Cowpoke Casserole

Need a delicious hamburger casserole in a hurry? This 30-minute dinner is here for you. It's got plenty of wholesome ingredients, and it comes together in a flash. Serve with some fresh salad or a vegetable, and dinner is served!

Mamaw's Mexican Casserole

This might be one of our best, cheesiest casserole recipes ever. This is one of those meals that you will want to print out and store in your recipe book, because your family will ask for it again and again. Don't take our word for it... make it this week!

Awesome Beef Taco Casserole

This simple recipe is the ultimate weeknight dinner. It's hearty and filling for those in your family with big appetites, and everyone will love the rich and spicy flavors. Serve this dish with some fresh veggies, and you can call dinner "done."

Ground Beef and Noodle Casseroles

Dante's Favorite Beef Casserole

Beef and noodle casseroles are a classic for a reason. They're comforting, easy to make, and they will please the whole family! If you're looking for dinner recipes that your kids will love, these casseroles are a perfect choice. You can even get your kids to help make some of these easy casserole recipes, if you want! Most of them are so simple. All you have to do is layer ground beef, noodles, and some other goodies into the pan. Then bake, and you're done!

Get started with this unique ground beef casseroel that we call Dante's Favorite Beef Casserole.

Beefed Up Ramen Noodle Bake

If you like ramen noodles, then you're going to love this ground beef casserole. It's got all of the savory, salty flavor that you love in ramen noodles, but it's been turned into a hearty dish that you can serve on any weeknight. Enjoy!

Beef and Noodle Casserole

Beef and noodles are a classic for a reason, and we love this version of this traditional dish. Make this yummy beef and noodle casserole for your family, and they are sure to ask for a second helping (even those picky eaters!).

Easy Beef Stroganoff Casserole

Beef stroganoff is a classic dish, and we've made it attainable for any weeknight with this easy recipe. Your family will love this simple, comforting dish.

"Bring Home the Bacon" Budget Bake

Sometimes ground beef can be expensive, but it's still possible to make a budget-friendly dinner with this favorite ingredient. Give this affordable dinner a try, and save a few bucks without sacrificing flavor!

Ground Beef Casseroles for Lazy Nights

Busy Night Minnesota Hot Dish

These lazy ground beef casseroles couldn't be easier! They will appeal to the lazy chef in you, which is great for those busy nights after work. Throw ingredients in a casseroles dish and pop it in the oven. These recipes are as simple as that. Don't stress about dinner tonight, just make one of these stupidly easy casseroles and call it a day.

If you'd prefer to think of tonight as "busy" instead of "lazy," then we recommend trying out this Busy Night Minnesota Hot Dish.

Stupidly Easy Italian Crescent Casserole

Is there anything that crescent rolls can't do? This yummy recipe combines flaky pastry dough with rich ground beef and zesty Italian herbs for a dinner recipe that you will want to make again and again.

Lazy Girl's Ravioli Lasagna

Looking for more yummy Italian casserole recipes? Step right up and give this lazy ravioli lasagna a try. It's got tons of rich tomato flavor and Italian seasoning, but you don't have to do nearly as much work to get it on the table. Enjoy.

Stupidly Easy Wicked Beef

If you're feeling lazy, then there's nothing better than a recipe that has "stupidly easy" in the title. Give this super simple dinner a try. We won't even tell your family how easy it was to make.

Stupidly Easy Pizza Pot Pie

Yes, you read that right. You can make pizza pot pie! This dinner is sure to be a hit with absolutely everyone in your family, and it's "stupidly" simple to make. It's your new weeknight winner.

Easy Hamburger Casserole

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free. This delicious hamburger casserole is super simple to make, and it's perfect for everyone in the family. We love that it's practically bursting with flavor, and it can be made in only 30 minutes.

Happy Hubby Ground Beef Casserole

The name says it all, really. This delicious ground beef dinner is sure to make everyone in your family happy, especially your hubby. This meal is great for two--you'll have plenty of leftovers--or you can enjoy it with a larger group.

Hamburger Casserole Recipes

Scrumptious Sloppy Joe Casserole

Who doesn't love a good hamburger? Kids and adults love the taste of burgers, and these easy ground beef casseroles get that flavor just right. Try any one of these delicious hamburger casserole recipes and enjoy that savory taste of cheesy ground beef in every bite.

First up, we have one of our favorite family dinners ever! Scrumptious Sloppy Joe Casserole is the comforting, cheesy dinner recipe that everyone will love.

Cheesy One Pot Hamburger Casserole

The only thing better than a cheesy hamburger casserole is one that can be made in one pot. Say "goodbye" to mountains of dishes and enjoy this easy dinner.

"More Please!" Cheeseburger Casserole

When you see the amount of cheese that's on top of this casserole, it's easy to see why your family will ask for more! Make this a weeknight tradition (starting this week).

Cheesy Hamburger Pie

We challenge anyone to resist a dish called hamburger pie. This hearty, wholesome dish will please everyone. Serve alongside some steamed veggies and you have the perfect easy family dinner.

Loaded Cheesy Meaty Casserole

Recipes that have the word "loaded" in the title are almost always fantastic. We love that this recipe packs so much flavor into one dish. This would be a perfect recipe to make on Sunday and eat for lunch all week long!

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The biggest cooking mistake I've ever made was when I used beef broth for a turkey one year when all the stores were already closed up. The turkey gravy didn't taste good at all.

When I first started cooking, I was making a roast chicken in a glass Pyrex dish. It was looking pretty dry, so I added some water. You can probably guess what happened next...The Pyrex dish pretty much exploded in the oven. The next day I spent close to four hours cleaning glass out of the oven. I learned a lesson that day. I always have water heating now when I use a Pyrex baking dish, just in case I need to add any.

i once stuck my spoon into a moving blender while making pesto. there was green stuff all over the ceiling. /

My first attempt at making a pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin was a disaster. I chopped the pumpkin and cooked it just right. Then I blended it. Unfortunately when I went to dump it into the pie shells we noticed that there were chunks of pumpkin floating on top. I didn't realize I should have used a "boat motor" blender to blend it as the regular blender I had obviously could not handle the job.

That for me would be broiling taco shells..It set my oven on fire and we had to buy a new stove!

I once forgot I was even cooking and left the stove unintended only to notice it when the house was filled with smoke.

I was in charge of making peanut butter rolls and chocolate peppermint candy for a very large party. I had no recipe for the mint candy. I always made it by tasting it. this was such a large amount of candy so I kept adding more and more peppermint extract. I few days later I was told to only bring peanut butter rolls the next time. Although all of the chocolate peppermint candy was delicious while eating it, afterwards people got sick. Peppermint in a large enough amount makes a great laxative!

When I was a kid I was helping my mother make dinner. We made a large pan of lasagna in a glass dish. She took it out of the oven and sat it on a burner while we prepared a vegetable. Suddenly there was an incredible "BANG" with glass and lasagna shooting across the kitchen. The glass dish had exploded when she turned the wrong burner on high.

I made my favorite Pecan Pie this year and left out the butter. Everyone was gracious and I'm glad I made a number of other desserts. Guess just too much going on.

I have made mistakes through the years. I remember mixing up Teaspoon Tablespoon when making a dish and using more salt that I should have.

I have made a few cooking mistakes but one that really stands out is from years ago when I was learning to bake cakes. I managed to get my measuring bowls and ingredients mixed up somehow, and instead of adding sugar to the batter, I added salt. Yikes!

When I was learning to cook as a child I didn't know there was a difference between baking soda and baking powder. I learned that lesson after making a batch of inedible cookies.

The biggest cooking mistake I've ever made was probably when I accidentally melted my microwave rice cooker in my microwave. The whole apartment filled with smoke and plastic fumes, and I had to buy a new microwave too. Thanks for offering this nice contest!

Biggest cooking mistake? Um, besides choosing the wrong recipe for the occasion, not having the main ingredient that was called for, and falling asleep while waiting for food to cook thus letting it burn, I can't think of any.

The biggest cooking disaster was not understanding what a clove of garlic was. Who ever said there is no such thing as too much garlic was sadly mistaken. )

I was trying to cut an onion in my hand instead of getting a cutting board. Not a good move. I ended up getting 7 stitches. That was a very bad cooking mistake.

These recipes are great! They are perfect for easy weeknight meals or make-ahead meals! They are economical too because I can vary the amount of ground beef I use or even use a mixture of beef and pork. I often buy ground beef in bulk or in a family pack so it goes a long way! These recipes are great for adding extra veggies into my family's meals too!

I just got a crock pot from my mother who passed away recently and I am looking for a good chili recipe and other things I can make in a 6 qt crock pot. Keeping in mind that I live alone and on Disability so money is tight. any help would be great.

Hi, Don! I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Slow cooker cooking can make your life really easy! You hardly even need a recipe for classic chili, and the ingredients are pretty affordable. Brown up some ground beef or turkey with onion, garlic, chili powder, and other seasonings you like. Put all that in the crockpot with a couple cans of beans and diced or stewed tomatoes. Cook it all day on low, and enjoy your chili for dinner! You can also sneak in some veggies like carrots, mushrooms, or green beans. Do you like your chili plain or over rice?

I love casseroles because they're so convenient but have a lot of good ingredients in them. This is a great collection!

Iwould like to see Rachael ray recipe cabbagemeatballs from todays show

id like to see the cabbage casserole from todays show

I give five star on the Beef casa roll

Terrible, not good at all!

I prefer chicken or seafood recipes


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