11 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers


11 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers


How To Build The Perfect Cheese BoardIf you're looking for ways to keep your family or guests occupied while you prepare the rest of the meal, look no further than these 11 Thanksgiving Appetizers. We've included Thanksgiving appetizer recipes that will keep the stomach moans and groans at bay while the bird finishes cooking.


We know what you may be thinking. Isn't there enough food on Thanksgiving without adding appetizers to the mix? Probably. No, you're definitely right. But in America, we take our food holidays very seriously and Thanksgiving is certainly no exception, as it's the biggest food holiday we've got. From elegant baked Brie and pears to classic bacon-wrapped dates, our list of Thanksgiving appetizers really can't be beat. When snacking is involved, we take things very seriously. Seriously delicious anyway. Plus, with recipes this good, extra food is always welcome on our plates!


11 Thanksgiving Appetizers

Puff Pastry Baked Brie with Pears

The recipe Puff Pastry Baked Brie with Pears is a simple, delicious, and elegant appetizer recipe that friends and family will go crazy for when you serve it at your next party. The easy appetizer recipe has a rich pear filling made with sherry, brown sugar, and nutmeg. 

Puff Pastry Baked Brie with Pears

Homemade Beer Cheese Dip

There's never a time where having a Homemade Beer Cheese Dip around isn't a good idea. This delicious recipe will come in handy for all those game day parties, family potlucks, and holidays where you need put out some tasty snacks that will please a crowd.

Homemade Beer Cheese Dip

3-Ingredient Bacon Wrapped Dates

This ridiculously easy appetizer recipe will be your new go-to party dish. These 3-Ingredient Bacon-Wrapped Dates are so simple to make and so incredibly delicious. 

3-Ingredient Bacon-Wrapped Dates


Cranberry Bacon Jam Crostini

Easy, make ahead Cranberry Bacon Jam and cheese on top of a crusty baguette, topped with chopped walnuts for extra crunch these crostini are the perfect combination of sweet, smoky, salty and cheesy!

Cranberry Bacon Jam Crostini


Easy Italian Bruschetta - from our Quick Bites video series!

This Easy Italian Bruschetta is a delectable appetizer or side dish for any occasion. The toasted bread provides ample opportunity to experiment with different flavor palates. This easy bruschetta recipe uses the traditional toppings of tomatoes and basil. 

Easy Italian Bruschetta


Low-Carb Pizza Crust with Pears and Prosciutto

This easy Thanksgiving appetizer recipe may seem like it's healthy, and it is... but it's also really tasty! Before you pig out on all your holiday meal has to offer, have a light snack to "warm up."

Low-Carb Pizza Crust with Pears and Prosciutto


Best Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

With chicken and pasta, this is a salad recipe that will fill you up, so feel free to serve it for lunch or dinner. It also works well as a side dish you can bring with you to a potluck or party.

Mama's Best Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad


Must Have Classic Deviled Eggs

This basic deviled egg recipe is foolproof and easily modified to your own taste preferences, but it's tasty enough to stand on its own with no adjustments.

Must Have Classic Deviled Eggs


Mouthwatering Stuffed Mushrooms

Serve these as your Thanksgiving appetizer, as a simple side dish at your family dinners, or at your next big game party. The creamy filling of this delicious stuffed mushroom appetizer recipe will floor your family and your guests.

Mouthwatering Stuffed Mushrooms


Spinach Artichoke Mediterranean Galette

This tasty Galette has sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and gooey mozzarella tucked into a flaky crust. Pair with a side salad for the perfect addition to lunch or dinner.

Spinach + Artichoke Mediterranean Galette


Pumpkin and Pear Soup

This Pumpkin and Pear Soup is the ultimate fall recipe to keep you warm all season long. The easy soup recipe comes together incredibly quick but tastes like it took hours of simmering on the stove. The pear and pumpkin flavors complement each other wonderfully to create a heavenly soup everyone will love. 

Pumpkin and Pear Soup


Build the Perfect Cheese Board

If you want a show stopper at the beginning of your dinner party, you do not want to miss this excellent how-to. What components do you need? Why do you need them? Your guests will love this perfect combo!

Build The Perfect Cheese Board


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins make great decorations and desserts, but don't forget about how yummy their seeds are! Follow the steps below to enjoy a bowl of light and crunchy pumpkin seeds.

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds at Home


Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup is a crowd-pleasing option that takes advantage of seasonal produce and appeals to both adults and children. It's hearty, healthy and perfect for a light Thanksgiving day snack.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup


Bonus! How to Remove Spilled Red Wine from Anything 

7 Red Wine Stain Removal Methods



Thanksgiving means a lot of things. Great food, great company, and very often, great wine. Sometimes greatness gets the best of us. For those moments, it's good to know what to use to get red wine stains out of literally anything. You're welcome.






What dish is unique to your family's Thanksgiving table?


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Aside from the turkey, I enjoy trying new sides so I can't say that anything is a must-have! Looking at the above pix, though, I'm now craving butternut squash soup. Yum....

Love everything about Thanksgiving and this time of year! Would love to do some of my cooking in this!! Pumpkin everything for me!

I sure could use this during the holidays. Really, I could use it at any given time. Favorite dessert is anything with apple.

For dessert-Mississippi Mud Pie!

I was married on Thanksgiving so have not had to cook a Turkey in 43 years. I do love the homemade cranberry sauce and pecan pie that comes with the holiday

homemade dressing


I loved all the recipes and cant wait to make them in that . Know what more I can do with it makes it more wanting to have.. it awesome ..

we have my homemade dressing which consists of different breads with lots of onions and spices and my homemade cranberry sauce

The dressing of course!

Many people like cornbread dressing. I enjoy dressing made from various dark breads and ryes. I enjoy the savory flavors.

Our favourite Thanksgiving side dish is yams with plenty of butter and brown sugar, and then topped with marshmallows toasted.

Potatoes mashed with plenty of butter!!!

Our family favorite traditional Thanksgiving side dish is candied yams baked with butter, honey, brown sugar and cinnamon.

My sister's pretzel, jello salad.

I love to make rotisseri chicken! This machine keeps it juicy and moist every time! Always wanted one!

I make a bread dressing with sage and thyme that was my grandmother's recipe.

mom's home-made potato salad

Pumpkin pie is a wonderful tradition!!!!!!!!!

there's only 3 of us ,so we usually make a roasted duck instead of a turkey


Turkey and stuffing of course, but it's also not Thanksgiving without the sweet potatoes.

We have the best bread stuffing that has been pasted down for over 60 years....so yummy!!!!!

I love cooking for the holidays. Especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Everyone loves my turkey and stuffing

No thanksgiving is complete without the turkey. Everything else is optional!

Just about every thing I cook. My son loooooves pumpkin pie. The turkey and homemade dressing is always the winner.I know it's not traditional but everyone wants my coleslaw .

My husband always wants pumpkin pie

Tamales with the Turkey they love it

I can not wait until Thanksgiving comes. I love cooking and can't wait to be able to smoke our turkey.

Green Bean casserole. Every year someone brings it and it is made a little different each time. But still the best!

I make a chestnut stuffing that is great. We also make a potato stuffing that everyone enjoys. The potato stuffing is very easy to make and you can use it as a side with any dish.

Looking forward to cooking for the holidays!

Everyone loves my Pumpkin Chiffon Pudding.

All of these look delicious. One of our special dishes is a decadent sweet potato dish with marshmallows and brown sugar and pecans. It doesn't seem like thanksgiving without it.

I always have to have pineapple casserole ...

Hmm sometimes instead of pumpkin pie I make a sort of pumpkin cake...well it uses cake mix as a kinda of crust on the bottom then the pumpkin minture then the rest of the cake mix crumble on top topped with cool whip its really good hehe am getting hungry just thinking about it LOL and yes I would love to win the Rotisserie I have always wanted one )


We are thankful every day we come to the table. When it's smoked turkey, we are especially happy.

Would really like to have this unit.I looks like a great roaster!

We love mashed potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream blended in on Thanksgiving. Gives a unique flavor, and so delicious!

potatoes el grauten


Tourtiere, a French Canadian meat pie. Wouldn't be the holidays without it.

pumkin pie

We make a "greek stuffing" @ Thanksgiving that is truly unique to our family. Has some traditional ingredients, but also has feta, walnuts, ground beef pork. Only make it once a year, but in a huge batch so I can freeze meal size portions to have with roast chicken or turkey breast during the winter months. A meal in itself and very rich! Yummy, my mouth is already watering at the thought of enjoying it soon.

Squash and Turnip

Pumpkin Pie is a must have at Thanksgiving

oyster stuffing and Red Lobster Cheddar biscuits

pumpkin pie is always on our table cbootsone@charter.net

We always have sweet potato surprise.

My favorite dish is Gingered Maple Cranberry Sauce. I don't care for the 'traditional' orange/cranberry combination, so I invented my own, and it's delicious! The ingredients are simple, cranberries, maple syrup, minced fresh ginger, and brown sugar to taste. Cook it in a sauce pan on the stove until all the berries pop, stir and can be served either warm or cold. It's GREAT on a cold turkey sandwich.

Prime rib and rack of lamb

Cajun Char Broiled Turkey

This sure would make an old lady's life easier during the holidays

Sweet Potato Casserole

Pumpkin pie cheesecake is our favorite

What a timely offer. I don't know anyone whom wouldn't love cooking the holiday dinner this year, including myself. The roasted turkey will shine this year!

We always make our own homemade stuffing! Yum!

Homemade creamed corn is my speciality

The Thanksgiving tradition of our family is Cheese and Oyster Dressing made with bread and biscuits not cornbread.

OK the things that are always on the table are green bean casserole , pecan pie and a hole lot of love

apple halves stewed with cinnamon hearts and stuffed with cream cheese, walnuts and chopped celery

This would be excellent for the smaller kitchen.I have no real counter space!

"Green Stuff" my whole family loves this combo of lime jello,cream cheese, cool whip,chopped pecans and pineapple,it is so good after the first time I made it, I had to double the amont

I could really use this Electric Rotisserie. I often bake cook for the local Fire Depts. for the Major Holidays! This would come in handy indeed I have never won anything like this before or won anything on here yet.

"pink stuff" a mix of cottage cheese and jello with fruit added

homemade filling made with potato and toasted bread

We can't do holiday dinner without mashed carrots and turnips.

Our family always has sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and deviled eggs with our Thanksgiving dinner. It would not be the same without them.

Cranberry Relish! delicious and very few ingredients, and so healthy!

Love the ideas

I make a wonderful spicy mustard ranch dip for the crudites!

roasted chestnut stuffing

ham with brown sugar

Sweet potatoes with lots of brown sugar, butter and toasted marshmallows on top

strawberry shortcake with angel food cake as the base

In door BBQ with this would be a great new tradishion.

Sometimes it seems that too many appetizers ruins the meal! But, it's good to have something besides chips and dips!

I enjoy the chutney that my friend makes for the holidays. It adds just the right flavor to the holiday meal.

I would love to try some of these Appertizers for my family and friends this Thanksgiving.

Myrna Geldart Answer Roast chicken. I would love a rotisserie. I am trying to collect easy, tasty and healty recipes to do up quick-time-a rotisserie would be a wonderful help. Wolfgang Puck- step aside- Join OUR competition- Welcome. Sorry i am a senior newly learning the computer-don't know how to send a picture

Homemade apple bread

Looks great! We usually get rotisserie chicken from Kroger but why not try it yourself?

Sweet potatoes

When we go to our son's house for Thanksgiving, they ask us to bring 2 special dishes. My husband's special Stuffing and his incredible pumpkin pie! Yummm

Pecan pie, warm with ice cream

I sometimes just open cookbooks to a recipe to mix things up and try something new

my other grandmothers dressing

My pumpkin pies.

These all look great. I intend to try the Chicken Ceasar/ Pasta Salad first. Going to take lunch to my sis who's sitting her adorable new grandson and I know she will LOVE it.

PSS reading all these comments made me salivates! Thanksgiving not come fast enough. I believe that now I am going to have to make Chicken and Dumplings for dinner---THANKS TO ALL!

Dear all at CookStr, I love baked brie! In fact, I make it more often than not! However whenever I bake mine I Always cut the rind off before baking! I do this so that myself or whomever it is that I am sharing it with does not get a piece of Rind while Enjoying the smoothly goodness of ooey gooey Baked Brie! I have bitten into the Rind several times at restaurants and To me it ruins the entire experience! ENJOY! Randi/The Muffin Lady

oh, but the rind is absolutely delectable! i wish i were your friend, so that you could give me all your discarded rind )

Cranberry Moouse! It is different, goes well eith the turkey, etc. Or, you can eat it as a dessert

I have several but it has to be my ma's turkey. My turkey is very juicy it was the method of prep length of marinating time that makes it so.

I am allergic to mushrooms, so my wife makes green been casserole with cream of onion soup, instead of cream of mushroom.

everyone gobbles up my asparagus with porcini mushrooms

Unique to our Thanksgiving dining. Hmm. Guess it would be the dressing that I've combined from my mother and my mother-in-law...with mushrooms, sausage, and the traditional stuffing ingredents. The topper....probably Kentucky Pie for dessert. Christmas has more things that are actually unique to our table.

I make Pecan Pies - a special recipe that I came up with due to most recipes being too rich. People who say they don't like Pecan Pie will eat these, because they aren't as rich as store bought pies.

I make my mothers cornbread dressing, and home made rolls. She was the best cook I have ever known.

My Mom always makes Chicken and Dumplings. She's 76 and has 9 kids,and she's the best cook around! All my family gets together at her and Dad's house and have a Hugh dinner.

My family loves my cornbread dressing. I make mine like my mother did hers and it's always a hit.

My family loves my Mandarin orange jello dish for the holidays.

Chicken dumplings, everyone always loved mine. I always got nominated to make them for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Chicken dumplings! Both of my grandmothers now my mother always made them. Now that I'm diagnosed with celiac disease my mom makes them GLUTEN FREE...yummy!

Grandma's pumpkin pie. Never tasted another like it.

Roast Pork on a spit.

My famous gluten-free vegan stuffing!

I always serve a side of braised sauerkraut. I fry a small chopped onion in a bit of cooking oil until lightly browned. I add a jar of sauerkraut and a teaspoon of caraway seeds. I add 3 tablespoons or more of sugar and cook for 40 minutes. Chopped fried bacon is also a tasty addition. This is a great side for turkey, goose, duck and ham.

I would love to have one of these sitting in my kitchen. It would help me be able to cook in a more timely fashion if I were to utilize it for cooking my meats and my oven to do my casseroles and desserts.

My mother would love one of these in her kitchen. Thanks for the chance!

potato and bread filling

Great Site

Deviled eggs, they are most delicious!

Tonight was my first visit to this incredible site and even though I saw the contest drawing for the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie, I could hardly tear myself away from reading such delicious recipes --- why, I just about drooled my way to this comment box. And so, without further ado, I, too, wish to enter to win.....but even if I don't, boy, am I ever happy to find this site D

Uncle Frankie's potato salad

Apple stack cake

This is a very nice compact unit.It would be great for my kitchen!

Baked Pineapple Cassarole

grandmas coconut cake

My mom made the best sweet potatoes with butter brown sugar and marshmallows. She knew how to bake them so the marshmallows would puff up and brown to a nice crispy topping. My grandmother made the apple pie with most buttery flaky crust that was to die for. When the holidays come and all the family gets together that's when I miss them the most.

sausage pine nut and wild rice stuffing

My mom was actually not a huge turkey fan - even though we always ate it at least once a year on a holiday. She did make the best mashed potatoes though, and sometimes a ratatouille like dish, with peppers and zucchini and onions. So delicious. I miss that veggie dish like crazy, actually.

We usually prepare roasted turkey or chickens, pumpkin pie. green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy.

This would be a big help for the holidays. Run out of room in the oven, on the stove, the toaster oven and microwave. Would love to win it.. Thanks

This is one of my favorite sites... recipes are always yummy and easily prepared...thank you

My family makes "Turducken" but I'm more of a traditionalist.

Five Cups Fruit Salad

In addition to turkey, I make 18 duck legs in the nescoe and then crisp them in the broiler for 5 minutes. My family gobble them down with plenty of turkey on top of it! Also, brussel sprouts sauteed in the wok with butter and lots of chopped garlic - amazing. Rating = 10

I know the specific dish is not unique, but we have land in South Georgia and the day before Thanksgiving, we go out and pick up pecans from our trees and shell them (usually eating more than we keep). We make our pecan pies and sweet potato casserole with fresh pecans...they really do make a difference.

my mom used to make chestnut stuffing. i could survive on that alone if given the chance! for this Thanksgiving, i'm going to make turkey fritters and charoset, that wonderful Passover dessert of fruits, nuts, honey, spices, and wine.

I don't really think anything we have on Thanksgiving is unique or different than anyone else. The biggest thing may be that we don't add nuts or brown sugar or marshmallows to sweet potatoes but just a bit of butter.

I would love to try a turkey breast in this rotisseraire. As it is just my wife and me at home now - we are retired and nearing our 70's both with health issues her MS my heart we try to cook healthy and would like to try the rotisseraire on the breast of turkey. Thank you.

Turkey stuffed with Iraqi recipe,which is a combination of cooked rice, coarse ground beef,boiled almond and dried multicolor raisins.

The stuffed mushrooms are heavenly! Can't wait to try a few more of the recipes here - Thanx!

Chestnut and cornbread stuffing is unique to our Thanksgiving dinner. The Ronco Showtime Electric Rotisserie looks awesome - would love to win it! For desert, in addition to the traditional pumpkin pie, we alsomake coconut custard or banana crme pie.

Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows baked it is so good and so bad for those of us in the family like and my brother who are diabetics os when we know we are going to overdue it like that we just some extra insulin!

I love trying new recipes and just the other day I was thinking of a rotisserie and how convenient it would be for our family yearlt get together. While reasearching a recipe I saw this contest and was so happy to think that I could win this wonderful time saver! Thanks for having this contest at the right time!

We have a wonderful butternut squash soup with cilantro pesto that is unique to our family. It is a recipe that my mom came up with and no one else shown anything close. It is quite addictive

Cranberry sauce! Today's tables never have it!

My mother's stuffing is pretty unique to say the least. I can't describe it. It is not her thing though.

Just found this site and love it. The Giveaway Ronco Showtime Electric Rotisserie is just awesome. I hope to win. Would be great especially during the busy Holiday Season. Thanks for such a wonderful website and opportunity to win as well.

sometimes we have venison instead of turkey or ham

I love this site...great ideas and yummy reciepes...thank you

Raisin cream pie is my Holiday dish. My grandmother is the only one I ever knew to make it. I had to watch her and write down a recipe because she never used a recipe for anything.

My Cornbread Stuffing w/Sausage Hamburg, Chicken Broth, Celery, Onions, Mushrooms, Parsley Chives.

Could not get into the site?Oh well got it sorted now.Need one of these.Did not know that company still existed?

My sweet tater casserole is absolutely to die for!!!!

We actually love chicken with baked potatoes, garlic, onions and sweet potatoes!

My family's unique Thanksgiving dish is homemade pumpkin pie, (recipe handed down from great grandmother), it is absolutely delicious.

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I want to know why I keep getting pop-ups on your web site? everytime I go into a recipe I get a popup


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