10 Recipes for Overnight Christmas Casseroles


10 Recipes for Overnight Christmas Casseroles

Bake the ultimate overnight Christmas breakfast casserole with these 10 hassle-free recipes!


10 Recipes for Overnight Christmas Casseroles

Make this Christmas one to remember when you wake up to a delicious Christmas brunch. This year, overnight breakfast casseroles are the way to go! Impress your family with a mouthwatering meal without lifting a finger -- except to serve!

If you like sweet breakfasts on the holidays, you're in luck! With overnight breakfast casserole recipes, like Glazed Eggnog Overnight French Toast, Cheesy Crescent Roll Breakfast Casserole and more, you're sure to find a reason worth waking up for. Overnight breakfast casseroles take all the worry and stress out of baking.

Do what really matters this holiday season -- get the baking out of the way beforehand, and spend that extra time relaxing and enjoying the day.

Sweet Overnight Breakfast Casseroles

Overnight Cranberry French Toast

There's nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to a breakfast that's ready to go. When you prepare these breakfast casseroles the night before, all you have to do is bake them for a short time in the morning and serve. Relax, stress-free, by the fire with the paper and a cup of coffee while the little ones tear open presents. Put your feet up and rejoice in the fact that Christmas breakfast is one less thing you need to worry about.

Caramel Eggnog French Toast Bake

This Caramel Eggnog French Toast Bake is the perfect, make-ahead holiday breakfast!

Pancake Casserole

All the great, classic tastes of breakfast are baked into this one delicious casserole. You will absolutely fall in love with this easy blueberry pancake casserole!

Overnight French Toast Bake

An Overnight French Toast Bake is a great breakfast for a big crowd. Prepare it the night before and then enjoy this deliciously easy baked French toast with the whole family!

Sweetest Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Casserole

Who doesn't love dessert for breakfast? This Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Casserole is the best french toast bake recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Overnight Cranberry French Toast

This classic make-ahead dish thats perfect for Christmas brunch, overnight guests, or any other seasonal gathering and it wont have you stuck in your kitchen for hours!

Savory Overnight Breakfast Casseroles

Savory Bagel French Toast Casserole

Make way for eggs, bacon, cheese, and potatoes -- in a casserole that is! These overnight breakfast casseroles are everything you love about breakfast. Christmas morning will be a breeze when you make any of these tasty recipes the night before. Pulling a warm, savory casserole out of the oven first thing in the morning is bound to get everyone to gather around. Then you can serve breakfast and spend quality time enjoying each other's company.

Slow Cooker Western Egg Strata

Perfect for the holidays when you have to feed a big crowd, Slow Cooker Western Egg Strata is a fully loaded breakfast recipe made in the slow cooker.

Ultimate Amish Breakfast Casserole

Learn how to make a morning meal just like they serve in Amish country with this ultra simple recipe for the Ultimate Amish Breakfast Casserole.

Christmas Morning Breakfast Casserole

This casserole is so easy to make ahead that all you have to do is heat it up on Christmas morning for a warm, flavorful breakfast that the whole family will love. 

Southern Overnight Breakfast Bake

This southern dish is everything you want in a breakfast casserole: easy, delicious and crowd pleasing.

Other Christmas Brunch Ideas

Chocolate Orange Nutella Pancakes

These may not be overnight breakfast casserole recipes, but they're just as easy to make and completely embody the essence of the holidays with every bite. With familiar and nostalgic flavors like chocolate and orange, apple-cinnamon, red velvet, and maple, these bonus Christmas breakfast recipes are sure to bring you and your loved ones together for delicious food and memorable holiday.

Baked Snickerdoodle Doughnut Holes

These delicious homemade doughnuts combine two of the best things in the world:  cookies and doughnut holes. These doughnut holes taste exactly like a snickerdoodle cookie, which is exactly what you want to wake up to in the morning.

Apple Pie Pull Aparts with Maple Glaze

This sweet, apple dessert recipe is a pull apart loaf of bread top with an addicting maple glaze. No one will be able to resist having just one slice!

Best Cranberry Orange Bread

This recipe truly is the Best Cranberry Orange bread you'll find. There is something so festive about the combination of bright orange zest and tart, juicy cranberries.

Red Velvet Pancakes with a Cream Cheese Glaze

This Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles recipe is so versatile, you can serve it any time of the day. It's wonderful for a quick breakfast, as part of a Saturday brunch spread, or for dinner one night when you really don't feel like cooking.

Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles

This Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles recipe is so versatile, you can serve it any time of the day. It's wonderful for a quick breakfast, as part of a Saturday brunch spread, or for dinner one night when you really don't feel like cooking.

Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll Waffles

This easy cream cheese cinnamon rolls recipe combines two of your favorite breakfast foods for one ultra decadent meal that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Chocolate Orange Nutella Pancakes

This easy breakfast recipe is sinfully good. It's just the right blend of chocolate and orange that you won't want to stop eating it!

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Those hash brown waffles are just genius!That french toast casserole also sounds amazing, too. Thanks for all the options for Christmas!

My grandmother always makes sausage, biscuits, and homemade gravy. Delicious!

Love all the recipes for Breakfast. Will give me something else to make on Christmas morning besides providing donuts.

There's nothing quite as helpful as new, quality cookware!

The roaster and the recipes could make Christmas Day a breeze.

Love overnight French toast casserole with Hawaiian sweet bread

We eat a light breakfast and pretty much eat for the rest of the day.

There is always a prize for the one person who wakes up first...............then it is their responsibility to wake everyone else up. After everybody gets to see all the things that Santa left for them , then we eat a french toast casserole that was made the night before. After that we hand out all the individual presents and watch as each one is opened and appreciated.

I always get up early and make sour dough buttermilk pancakes bacon and sausage. A big pot of coffee. Open a fresh jar of preserves and plenty of maple syrup. Then clean up the table and we open the gifts! I make a Prime rib roast for dinner.

We don't have much of a routine now that our kids are grown. We usually go visiting them and their families.

We always get up fairly early and we start Christmas with a tamale and hot chocolate. Once everyone is done we sit in front of the tree and open our gifts!

We get right into the presents and then I take my biscuit egg bake out of the oven and we dig in )

Kids are gone! We sleep late and then have something to eat. We usually open gifts on Christmas Eve, if it's just us.

A lot of interesting recipes to try as a cook for work and family

I WILL TRY THIS " Vanilla Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll Waffles" FOR SURE!!

We make a batch of homemade waffles on my husbands mother ' s OLD waffle iron. complete w/ strawberries and whipped cream. This is an old GE waffle iron from when he was a kid!

I make a loaf of Stollen every year for Christmas morning and serve is toasted and buittered with coffee while we open presents.

I have to admit I have never tried overnight casserole or dish but this recipes are amazing looking. I think I'll need to rethink things!br /

Now that our kids are older and don't care to get up at 5 a.m. I am still up anxiously awaiting for them to get up, which ends up being around 8, lol, I sure do miss those bright eyed bushy tailed Christmas mornings!

love trying new receipes and you have some real yummy ones

Many years now, cuddling in front of the tree and watching Christmas Story.

Warm pajamas coffee and sweet rolls around the Christmas tree with the grandchildren.

get up and watch tv

When my 4 children were at home we had a huge Christmas morning - my parents always came for the gift opening and breakfast. Now everyone comes Christmas eve and I am alone Christmas morning but go to one of my children's house later.

It is usually my husband and myself since our 5 children and grandchildren are scattered around the country! We enjoy a lazy morning in housecoats with a hot cup of our favorite brew!

We all sit in a circle in our pj's and sort the presents out to each person and take turns opening the gifts one at a time to make the surprises last longer. We are all adults now so we can wait patiently. Then we all eat a breakfast brunch. It is so much fun all being together.

Sleep in

We no longer have small children in the house. We still stay up late on the eve and tend to sleep later on the day. An overnight casserole will be perfect.

We usually have a family brunch for Christmas. I like to do something different. These recipes will come in handy .

Usually spent alone with my husband since we do the family thing later in the week. A couple of movies downloaded, brunch of snacky foods and a very nice dinner.

kielbasa and scrambled eggs with potato pancakes ...wouldn't be Christmas without it

Even though my children are grown, we get up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. Before we start breakfast, we gather around our tree and open our gifts to each other. We usually try to keep it to a minimum because the rest of the day is filled with family and food and just enjoying celebrating the day together.

This will be my first Christmas away from the kids and grandkids. Living alone now I will have to make new Christmas traditions.

Eating pancakes and having a sugar cookie.

at work, wishing it was the weekend already

Lying in bed and listening to the quiet in the neighborhood. All the kids have grown and gone and the silence is just as good as the rambunctiousness that we heard Christmas mornings in years past.

Wish I could win !! I love cooking

Sitting around opening presents and drinking cocoa.

My daughter, her husband and my two grandchildren gather with me around the christmas tree with our hot chocolates and open our presents. Then we all join together for a baked strada and juice for breakfast. After we clean up the mess from breakfast we all help in making our christmas dinner to be served around 2pm. My grandchildren are 9 and 11 and they still believe in Santa Claus. And my daughters family lives next to me. It is a wonderful time of year and we all do things together.

Breakfast at my oldest daughters with all my daughters and GRANDAngels

We have different kinds of quiche, french toast breakfast casserole.

Our children are grown and we don't have grandchildren yet so our Christmas morning traditions have changed. Now we have coffee, mimosas and sweet eats before we open presents.

breakfast and coffee before gifts.

I make either scrambled eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy, or french toast and bacon. it depends on the company

These are such awesome recipes.

Our family's Christmas morning tradition is coffee

The holidays are for spending quality time with our grand children and their parents! We go to our daughters house for Christmas every year and spend a few days. When we don't live close by it's nice to spend those exta days with family...

Since the kids are gone and out of the house, we usually open our gifts to each on Christmas Eve, so we sleep late on Christmas and just relax and have something to eat in a relaxing way. If the grandkids are here, we wait until Christmas morning to open gifts. Then we have a big meal together.

Christmas morning we wait for all of us to be up. While the grand babies are opening presents, with Christmas music playing, grandma is cooking pumpkin pancakes with fresh ham


We usually get up early, have a cup of coffee, open up the presents, eat a prepapared casserole that has become a tradition. It is made with cubed bread, eggs, sausage, chilies, which bakes while coffee and presents are opened. We always have a fruit tray/salad with it.

Love this e-recipe book.

Food, food and more food with family. So comforting and fun!

We would wake up to mom making a Bisquick Christmas Tree cake in the 60s. It had mandarin oranges, marchino cherries and a glaze over it for the decorations.. It laid flat with Bisquick made pieces to look like the tree.

We have homemade cinnamon rolls after opening the stockings and presents.

Our tradition is just simple. We always open on present on the Eve and we have a pancake breakfast with home made hashbrowns and try to take pictures of the kids with the presents, although sometimes they rip them open so fast because they are excited.

Every xmas morning I'm the one in the kitchen making kielbasa and eggs our traditional Polish breakfast. I think I'll be making it as a casserole this year. Wish I thought of this 25 yrs ago when the kids were little. Thanks for the ideas!

Get up wash our faces, the kids and grand kids start opening there presents whole I'm in the kitchen starting breakfast and finishing dinner.

Love recipelion.com

We always have an egg casserole after opening the gifts under the tree.

We start the morning by opening gifts then off to church then back home to a wonderful brunch !!

Coffee and homemade breakfast, then dinner with my parents and other family members.

Family brunch first, THEN presents!

We start a day of excessive eating with pots of coffee and tea, juice, and bagels with cream cheese, lox, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and capers. Then it's an open-house brunch for most of the rest of the day....

I can use both of these casserole pans Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner how glad I would be to win these. Thank you

Get up. Have a nice breakfast. Open gifts and listen to Christmas music. Watch Christmas shows and later visit family.

We start some dinner items the night before and put away. Morning comes early getting those items placed in the oven. Coffee made and muffins, bagels, etc placed out for breakfast. My husband always does this. Then kids are up and time to open the gifts. Then everyone chills until its time to finish getting dinner ready.

coffee, stollen, gifts.

Have a nice breakfast, open gifts, and watch the Disney Christmas parade on TV.

We have mimosas while the grandkids run crazy!!!

The kids get up and go through the stockings and once the adults get up. We have pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast and whatever else they want. While we eat, this is when we open presents.....

We have a great Christmas breakfast and then we open our stockings and then we open our presents.

We have some pancakes, with strawberries and whip cream!

we have cinnamon buns for breakfast Christmas morning!!

My dad makes waffles!

I have a cup of coffee and wait for my children to call and wish me a Happy Xmas. They are all grown and live in other states.

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year with those amazing smells from the food and new recipes, family fun and the goodness of God.

We go to my parents house Christmas eve for dinner.

Having Breakfast with this little guy on Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is sleeping in after midnight mass, then the kids opening their stockings, and their dad making omelettes to order.

Presents, church, brunch

Eat a good breakfast and open some presents..egg nog good to or morning coffee with it!

usually some sort of cinnamon roll casserole that just makes the house smell wonderful.

I bake both a sausage breakfast casserole and a French toast casserole, since I don't eat meat. We eat our casserole while opening presents.

When we were children we were allowed goodies for breakfast that Mother had fixed. Some ate cake, some ate cookies or pie. This was after we had opened our presents. Now I try to allow my grandchildren the same privilege if their parents will allow!

I will be doing the Caramel Eggnog French Toast Bake

Great to have for the holidays.

Get up make seasonal pot of coffee and fryup some bacon and eggs. After eating open gifts.

Time to prepare for the holidays

When my son was younger, he would wake up early to see Santa left for him in his stocking.. Scott would open his gifts and rush to Grandpa Grandma's room to show them his gifts. Christmas Eve we opened gifts from one another. We would go to Christmas Eve church service, go home to eat and then open gifts from one another.

Roasted Turkey or Ham depending on how we are feeling.

We have to eat something, usually nut bread and some fruit, before we are allowed to open our presents. Then after we open our gifts, we have a full breakfast.

First we get up early we open presents. After that, I put breakfast on coffee, coffee cake or cinnamon rolls. Just an easy breakfast. Then I start on making things for dinner. It's a very busy day. We spend the afternoon at my daughter's house with my granddaughter son-in-law. But Christmas morning is very special I take lots of pictures.

I have a few grandchildren who could really use these pans. Would make a great Christmas gift for one of them.

Hope I win!

When my children were at home, we had a breakfast of eggs and bacon wrapped in pancakes, so they could get to the tree more quickly. Now, we could enjoy a more leisurely breakfast before the grandchildren come to visit, but we still have our finger food - it brings back many fond memories.

Christmas is very different nowadays for me then the past Christmas morning I spend getting pretty to travel to extended family for a big party with an excellent buffet all day

Having chocolate candy with a cup of tea on chrismas morning is my tradition while I watch gifts being opened.!

Since I work in a hospital, and they never close, I have to work holidays. So I just bring some instant oatmeal to work with me for my breakfast.

It used to be all our family together. Now it's friends and I who are all that are left. Ham, Turkey all the fixings. A couple of them have this cookware and it's fabulous.

Have breakfast with my son and daughter in law, then relax until the grand kids make it. I really need this pan, if I had it I could cook a breakfast casserole instead of my son cooking.

sweet rolls and presents around the tree

First is presents which can last a while with so many people. Then breakfast. Then relaxing.

I REALLY could use this set. it's great. My girl's and I do the cooking its always a brunch. Each of us pick one item for the main course and we all bring something for deserts. The guy's sit around and talk, but after the meal the guys clean up while the girls and grand kids talk and catch up. Then the presents are opened. Everyone helps with the clean up.


Since I was little for Christmas Eve my Mom always made hordoeuvers. Our family would listen to Christmas music open up sparkling grape juice or egg nog and eat our hordoeuvers. We each open one present each and our stockings. Then on Christmas Day we wake up early open presents. After head to my Aunts house for dinner.

On Christmas Eve, we meet for dinner and maybe open one present each. Then Christmas morning, we gather for brunch, which is immediately followed by the sharing of presents, and recalling times with other family members who are departed.

I love make ahead breakfasts! Can't wait to try some of these!

Presents! We open one present Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas morning. Then usually a nap and food. This would be so amazing to win 3

I would love to have this set

My mom and dad being with us Christmas morning, they have both past, but seeing them smile when we opened our gifts is priceless.

The majority of Christmas is spent traveling so Christmas morning is a quiet time together, coffee, snuggles and a special, but easy and mess free, breakfast. Trying a new casserole would be a perfect start!

I would love to have this set. One of the best gifts of the holidays is time spent cooking with my mother. Her and I love to prepare tasty treats and hearty meals for our loved ones. Their smiles are the best gifts we could ever receive.

This is such a versatile set and really makes holiday cooking and baking easier.

Christmas brunch and dinner are prepared by the men in the family while Mother-Grandmother catch up on the happenings in the families with the Daughters-Granddaughters. I am always looking for new recipes. (at least one every year)

Christmas Morning - Coffee first - presents second - family later in day and do it all again.

Would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!

we spend all day and night together we eat sausage egg casserole for brakfast have swiss steak for dinner

The whole page looks delicious.

The casserole with the Strawberries looks absolutely delicious.

I love to have a BIG breakfast on Christmas morning. Pancakes first, then an egg, sausage and cheese casserole that I mix up the night before and keep refrigerated. Christmas morning it is baked in oven and soooooo delicious! This year I may try one of your delicious sounding recipes.

we open presents early, then spend the day playing!

Would love to have this for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Always a big group of us.

Family over to eat together for a roast lamb donner and dessert and gift opening

I love this site thank you!!!

My Parents come over for Christmas Ham dinner.

I love the colbolt blue pan but I would love either one

I would love to win those pans

It is our custom to first exchange and open gifts with either hot chocolate or eggnog on hand. The We all share in preparing breakfast. Usually the kids opt for cinnamon rolls to be made. And while they are baking we have an omelet beaten eggs, then add in bacon, mushrooms, diced 4 colors of bell pepper, onion, minced ginger, chives, diced tomatoes, 2 types of grated cheese stirred in and drink of choice hot choc or nog.

We wake up and open our gifts. I usually make some bacon cinnamon rolls, then we head to Grandma's.

Come Christmas morning, my family loves Smoren, an old Slovenian recipe brought from the old country. It's delicious with syrup!!

I love roasting pans that keep the meat away from the drippings. You can still make gravy if you wish, but the meat doesn't soak in juices that make it less healthy. I would love to win one of your roasting pans.

We are fortunate to have a four year old in the family so we cook a ham the night before and cut it up and then make omelets and watch her open gifts. Fun and delicious, then I use the bone to make pea soup ! Family favorite.

I et up early to put in the turkey, then we have a special breakfast, usually a breakfast casserole, open gifts and relax till it is time to prepare dinner

On Christmas morning, I am up at 500am to get the bird prepped and in the oven. Then, back to bed til about 900 when we're up to open gifts, have breakfast, and finish cooking for Christmas dinner. With a new roaster, I would definitely try an overnight breakfast casserole.

I appreciate all the great recipe and meal ideas you share!

making breakast in this new casserole

Looking good

My husband does all the cooking at our house. He would love to have this new pan to try this new recipe.

The Southern Breakfast Casserole-so easy from basic ingredients-it's my Sunday morning breakfast TMORROW!

What wonderful recipes!

Can't wait to try all these scrumptious recipes!

These all look scrumptious!

i'm usually awake all night, knitting. i reflect on how fortunate i am to live in this great country and to have had the parents that i picked. as an atheist, i thank the universe at large for all the gifts i have received and given in my life. one must be poor, to know the luxury of giving -- George Eliot, Middlemarch

Sleep late, have coffee with my husband and forget about chores for the day. Give thanks for all our blessings.

We each share a Favorite Christmas memory, a Favorite Bible Verse, and open ine gift under the tree on Christmas morning!! We listen to Christmas music playing in the background. It is my Favorite time of year!!

Let Grandchildren open presents, eat breakfast, enjoy Grandchildren the rest of the day.

Raid the stockings, open gifts and eat breakfast, usually homemade goodies. Then start Christmas dinner cooking!

Have breakfast, open gifts, and start preparing dinner.

Get up eat breakfast, open presents, eat again

Tried this recipe? What did you think?

banana bread with cereal / or blueberry cornbread and honey with Red River hot cereal - so good!


I do not have a picture because I do not have anything to make a casserole or roast in. Would love the ones you are giving away. Thank you

Would like to use for thanksgiving meal

Oh my, what a DELICIOUS giveaway!!! I would love to have them and thank you for the opportunity!!

We usually have a big family breakfast and these casseroles will help!

love this site

No longer have a Christmas morning tradition, we have a Christmas Eve one. Our family gets together for a Swedish Christmas Eve, eating watching our 12 grandchildren open gifts.

Nothing could be easier than a breakfast casserole to feed a crowd on Christmas morning (or any morning)!

Breakfast casseroles are wonderful and easy to make. I can hardly wait to try these.

We normally get going with coffee or cocoa and then tuck into the presents and someone picks up, while someone cooks so breakfast casserole would be perfect for this

COFFEE, PRESENTS, and BREAKFAST LASAGNA....baked in a large roasting pan that I really need to replace! I have all ANALON pans that are the BEST PANS IVE EVER USED!! I WOULD LOVE A ROASTING PAN BY THEM!

I get up before anyone else and put together a casserole of sausage, eggs and cheese on crescent rolls. While opening gifts the casserole cooks and everyone has a hot breakfast.

We usually have a breakfast casserole or quiche on Christmas morning.

When I was a kid, we kids would gather at the window at the top of the stairs, and wait for sunrise. At sunrise, we'd wake up our parents and tell them it's morning! Then we'd all go downstairs and open presents, while my parents did their best to photograph all 3 of us with each present. After that, we'd present our parents with their Christmas gifts from us, and get all excited to see if they liked them. We'd stop and have a bowl of cereal or some toast, while our parents slurped down some strong coffee. Then we'd go back in the living room and open our gifts from each other. After a bit of oohing and aahing,we'd sit around and sing some carols, and go back upstairs to get dressed. If it wasn't raining or sleeting, we usually went outside to play a while.

Get up early. have pancakes and bacon, then get ready for the grandkids.

My family loves French toast type casseroles and I find them easy to make and bake!

Cookware Set would be awesome )

The main Christmas morning tradition for my family is for all of us to wake up early, go out to eat at a very nice restaurant, then come back home to open presents!

We open presents on Christmas Eve, after going to Candlelight Service at church. We sleep in on Christmas morning. When have a casserole and pigs in a blanket, something light. That leaves room for a large festive lunch. My mom makes everyone's favorite dish. Love our family time!!!

Christmas morning tradition Go to mass if we haven't already done so. Opening gifts and then having brunch with Grandma and Grandpa. If I've worked the night before it's off to bed for a few hours of sleep. If not relaxation or spending time with relatives.

I love overnight casseroles. They allow me to sleep in.

I do a lot of oven cooking and roasting could use a new set

We get up early and pass out stockings. I make breakfast and we get ready for a huge family gathering.

Awesome recipes! Each one a winner!

We usually have a breakfast casserole of eggs, sausage peppers, onions and cheese. We open our gifts then head to relatives house for dinner.

All looks Yummy but don't have pans to cook them in.

We love sausage and eggs casserole cooked overnight in the crockpot! Love this site, love the recipes!

Love this site! Any recipe that's "tried true" usually turns out well. I don't have a roaster It seems ham or turkey would be perfect to try in it!

I REALLY need this roaster!

We have a hearty breakfast and then open the rest of the presents. We open some on Christmas Eve.

We have a traditional, Native American dinner.

we have paella on christmas eve and rib roast on christmas day

We always have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. We do this so things are less hectic on Christmas Day but also because we love having turkey sandwiches for breakfast.

My family loves to wake up to a breakfast casserole and a Ramus Fizz (secret ingredient is vanilla ice cream...yummy!). Then we dig in to opening our gifts. After that, and a few more fizzes, it's time for a nap!

These look absolutely delicious! A Christmas must-have!

Since there are only 2 of us, Christmas morning is spent with our children their kids. We cook, they enjoy the rewards

Our favorite Christmas morning tradition is a pancake breakfast!

I love the recipes. I get lots of ideas everyday. Thank you!!!

Your recipes look delicious! But we like Potica (a Slovenian bread with custard, nuts, sugar and cinnamon) or Smoren (another Slovenian dish) with syrup. NUM!!!

We get up early to open presents, then go to Christmas Mass, then home for a big brunch.

We read the Christmas story as we eat venison gravy over biscuits, and then we open our gifts while sitting around the Christmas tree.

We have a breakfast casserole and fruit (and coffee). Then we share our stockings.


Now that all 3 of our children are grown and out of the house, Christmas morning is very low key. We make a healthy breakfast and rest up for the afternoon with all the grandchidlren!

Christmas morning the kids are up very early, they open their Stockings while the adults wake up. Oldest child passes out gifts one at a time, so we can take pictures!!

I find every recipe so easy and very satisfying

We have hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls while opening presents. Then we watch the Polar Express while our son plays with his gifts.

We get up early and open gift. Have a good breakfast. 5 star

Our Christmas tradition is being with family. My son and I drive "up north" to spend it with my parents and family. We open packages, all except one or two, on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. We have a 'huge' brunch, visit and usually drive the 175 miles back home on Christmas Day

Our "normal" Christmas morning consists of getting up early to open presents, then fixing a BIG breakfast that will hold us over until later in the day. We mostly just hang out together as a family all day and relax.

Brunch with the clan on Christmas is the best!

I love great cookware. It makes me proud when guests come calling, to be using cookware that easily cleans and looks elegant from oven to table. 4 star rating!

Christmas brings family together,warms my heart! Love the breakfast casseroles and watching the laughter and love!!

We don't have anything that we "normally" do on Christmas Morning, but our Christmas Breakfast usually includes pancakes, meat, real maple syrup, tomato gravy. Baked French toast is often on our menu as well.

All good except for the Nutella pancakes, my teeth are aching just thinking about them!

I just love breakfast casseroles, make them all the time and I'll be sure to try as many of these as I can over the coming months, thanks )

As bad as it sounds, we eat cookies and milk for breakfast!

We usually get up really early, have a cup of coffee, then open packages. Then it is time for a big breakfast. I am definitely going to try one of these casseroles this year. It would be perfect to assemble the night before, then let it warm up a bit while opening gifts. And just bake when we are ready. Besides, casseroles are my favorite thing to make and eat

This looks like a great cookbook and roaster set!

We gather under the tree to help my grandson open his gifts, then we play with toys the rest of the day. )

Our family goes to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Sleep until 800 or 900. Large breakfast and then we open one present at a time.

We turn on the tree lights while we all eat breakfast. Then we gather around the tree take turns opening our presents.

Our favorite Christmas morning ritual is gathering for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and monkey bread (I didn't say healthy.) While we eat we each say what we are most grateful in our lives. I would love to do this while our turkey is in the oven in the beautiful new roasting pan. Just saying.

It would be awesome to start a new tradition with a casserole breakfast on Christmas morning, in a new casserole pan. We currently just do cinnamon rolls coffee.

Our Christmas morning tradition has always been about the kids and Santa Clause secretly appearing the night before. Watching their reactions and seeing their excitement! Then Grandpa reads the Biblical Christmas Story to the rapt ears of the entire family. Then we all help finish preparing the Christmas Dinner and eat the rest of the day! Oh! And watch football!!!

We always do a big Christmas casserole! Overnight is the best so you don't have to worry about cooking on Christmas morning. Savory is where it's at!

It's just my husband and I for Christmas morning..we have always made hot chocolate with whipped cream. We get up early, stay in our pajamas, have our chocolate, talk about the good things that have happened the past year and open presents.

your mouth watering dishes have opened my heart to cook again and forget the pans I' prefer to just enjoy the wonderful treats. Thank you you get a full 5 stars from me.

choice of OJ, hot chocolate or coffee with Irish cream then biscuits and gravy then the unwrapping starts

Big breakfast at our daughter home. Son-in-law cooks everyone's favorite. The children love showing what Santa brought!

Full breakfast at Grandma's, cause nobody can make cheese and grits like her. Along with biscuits, bacon and the fluffiest scrambled eggs.

I hope to win these wonderful baking pans I do need new set love to cook love your recipes good luck to all

Sleeping in

We wait for all our children who are in their own homes and two teenage grandchildren to celebrate by making Christmas Brunch and my daughter has everyone over for Christmas Dinner.

We get up and go to church. When we get home I usually make breakfast. It's never the same because I like to surprise my family. Then we open presents.

Mom Dad wake up cook eggs, bisquits gravy, cinnamon rolls. Coffee, and get turkey out for dinner, then start opening presents

our Christmas morning tradition is making homemade cinnamon rolls as a family. we eat them by the tree with some homemade hot chocolate. my boys are 18 and 19 now, but they still look forward to doing this.

I get up early to start breakfast. When my boys and wife get up the boys open stockings and 1 present. Then breakfast and getting dressed before we open the rest of the presents.

As soon as my kids wake up they get to start opening presents and then we have breakfast, a big dinner later and just enjoy the day together and watch Christmas movies.

My family arises early and goes to my Aunts house to participate in the family breakfast. The entire starts coming over from 730 am until. Then we return home and finish opening gifts from the night before. Scripture reading and thankful prayers for seeing another Christmas are heartfelt.

We put gifts from Santa under the tree late at night and open in the morning followed by a big pancake breakfast!

First we sit around the tree, read the Bible, pray and usually we like having donuts or a fast snack as we open our gifts.

Our Christmas morning Traditions are running to the tree to see what Santa has brought, taking pics but the tree and playing with new toys for all ages. Then some brunch and go out to visit family and friends for the day.

We wake, have a delicious casserole, then open gifts

Our Christmas traditions fell by the wayside for many years after losing my mom. After my brother had children they are creating new traditions. First thing of course is opening presents. Thanking relatives and friends on the iPad. for gifts. Then a wonderful often Mexican breakfast. After giving up my home and its contents this would be wonderful and maybe I could do the holiday cooking now

Would love to have it for Thanksgiving and see if it works for my Mexican Turkey Receipe, see if it's as good as they say.

I don't celebrate Christmas. I celebrate all 8 days of Chanukah which requires many more breakfast casseroles! Sweetness is always the theme because of holiday traditions. French toast varieties are the favorite in my home!

We get up early I stick the breakfast casserole in the oven we read a passage in the Bible, and then we open our Christmas gifts. It's a joyous celebration for us.

When my family is at home for holidays I like to get up and have a big country breakfast.

I can't remember when we first started making a Christmas morning breakfast casserole the day before Christmas. On the big day, I would start the oven and put in the casserole. We'd let the kids take down their stockings, read their letters FROM Santa, and look at what he left inside. Then, they would sort through the presents, making piles for each family member. By that time the casserole would be done and we could say our special Christmas grace, eat breakfast, and then get down to the serious business of opening gifts.

I would love to have these pans. because i dont have any roasting pans like that and i would use them for all of my roasting needs and i would try all the recipes, I want to WIN!

These look awesome! Would be great to make all my holiday meals in them. Mine are over 40 years old and is time for a change. I hope to win and thanks for the reciepes and the opportunity to to Win!

cant wait for turkey day !!!

our Christmas morning tradition is to have some wonderful pumpkin pancakes, hot coffee or cocoa, fresh juice and a few eggs over easy. that's it nothing very hard at all

I really enjoyed the breakfast casseroles and plan on making for Christmas morning....thanks for the recipe, one of many I have used from this site

My kids always hated it but we made them get dressed before we opened the presents because we knew they would want to go outside to play in their pjs. After they played themselves out we would eat.

This would be a great addition to my kitchen for holidays and other special occasions, as well as every day usage.

This is all such good recipes that i wouldn't know which one too choose. I love the breakfast casseroles.

Even though our children have grown, our tradition remains the same. Everyone gathers at my home on Christmas morning in their pajamas that they got brand new on Christmas eve, and we stay in our pajamas all day. No dressing up and going out to other homes. Christmas is our family day to just enjoy each other and the blessings we have received through the year. We eat a breakfast that I prepared the night before, then open presents. After that it is Christmas movies and games all day.

On Christmas morning I have my sons, six grandchildren and 1 great grandson over for Christmas brunch. I make scrambled eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy, piles of bacon and sausage, a French toast casserole, plenty of fruit, coffee and juices. We have a wonderful brunch and then we go into the living room and open presents. The adults get to have a mimosa. It is a very fun time for all of us just being together having fun.

Oyster Stew!!!

My Birthday is Christmas Day so for me it is a little different than most people Growing up I'm now late 's my presents were not under the tree they were in birthday paper sitting on the fireplace I opened my birthday presents first before my sister could open anything from Santa Boy did she hate that because I opened them really slow not ripping the paper folding it and dragging it out because I knew as soon as I was finished my 'birthday' was over and it was 'Christmas' Afterwords we always had a breakfast of pancakes scrambled eggs new pork bacon with the rind toast with homemade a fresh grapefruit my uncle brought from his orchard in California and jam and milk or coco Now that I'm 'older' my husband has me open my birthday gifts first then we start Christmas followed with pancakes eggs toast with homemade jamRead More and milk or coco Then we sit back and wait for all the grand kids to show up

We eat a light breakfast and then start cooking a large traditional chicken and dcressing lunch with all of the fixings. All of the family comes over to eat lunch. Then we open the Christmas presents.

Usually something in the crockpot, sometimes cinnamon rolls. Depends on how ambitious Mom is Christmas Eve! But ALWAYS coffee!!

Opening presents. Then a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.....I'm the official toast butterer

We usually have a small breakfast, then wait for the kids to come to the house for a traditional Christmas, with turkey and dressing with all the trimmings.

The traditions I used to have have all changed, due to divorce and relocation. Now, I'm establishing new traditions for my son and I, after a move across country. Without having most of our belongings, including cookware, I can't tell you how appreciated this set would be!

We usually have a light breakfast as we have Christmas dinner about 1 o'clock and desserts about 6 o'clock. This allows out of town guests to head home before it gets too late.

I made the strawberry cheesecake french toast casserole. In a word....DELICIOUS. My coworkers are eating it as we speak! This time I added bacon, because you know, bacon makes everything BETTER!!!!

We usually spend Christmas Eve at my daughter"s home. In the morning we watch the Grandson's open their gifts and ours too. Then we have a big breakfast.

Making quiche

We always have a big breakfast after we open gifts french toast eggs and bacon sausage . That way were ready to face the day of cooling for big dinner and dealing with screaming kids fighting over toys lol love my family

I make a savoury breakfast casserole with Black Forest bacon ( one an use ham), eggs, cream, milk, cheese, white bread, salt, pepper, Tobasco sauce, mustard, Worcestershire sauce. It is very rich and it cooks as we open our stockings. the kids love it and it holds us all day till dinner.Would do well in the beautiful pan I would love to win. Fingers crossed.!!!!

My family gets up early on Christmas morning. We wait for my son and his family to arrive. We open gifts then have a huge breakfast. This year I was thinking about making a breakfast casserole. These pans would be put to good use. I make casseroles all the time. Thank you and good luck all!

With 7 adopted children, we usually have a coffee cake and juice, but this year they have asked for quiche!

Our daughter is grown so we just have breakfast open gifts, then go to our daughters house and spend the day with her family.

We have coffee and cookies. Then we wait for everyone to open gifts. Next have a great breakfast. Love spending time with family.

Usually just coffee and rolls. We spend the day with our grown daughter who is paralyzed from the neck down and lives in a long term care center. We are just glad to be able to spend time with her!!

Coffee and cinnamon rolls. Kids are grown, but maybe when I become a grandma that will change.

Having homemade cinnamon rolls and monkey bread starbucks and spending time with family


We have a tradition of eating whatever anybody want. This includes cake, pie and Christmas cookies. These sweets along with milk and a great cup of coffee.....it doesn't get any better than this.

the whole family and im talking big family gathers at the oldest sisters house and we have 4 hash brown casseroles, 4 sausage casseroles, tenderloin, bacon, homemade sausage, country ham, scrambled eggs, milk gravy, red eye gravy, chocolate gravy, donuts, homemade cinnamon rolls, lots and lots of coffee, milk, chocolate milk and orange juice. then we all pack into her living room and open gifts. we also pick out a family in need and by them Christmas for their kids and groceries for their Christmas meal. This all happens on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas day we fill up four counters with the best Christmas dinner you could imagine and so many desserts that by the time you are through eating we all go into hibernation till new years day

Scrambled eggs and bacon with milk and orange juice

I am always looking for something different for breakfast, so I thought I would look here, looks interesting. thanks. Love the French toast recipes.

We have hot chocolate with whipped cream and open presents while and an over nite egg casserole bakes in the oven after we eat breakfast we get the turkey in the oven and make the rest of Christmas dinner to be enjoyed with family and friends later in the afternoon.

Chocolate chip pancakes and coffee or hot cocoa

Fresh blueberry muffins then get the turkey ready for the oven. When the rest of the family arrives, presents.

For years it was Potica, a delicious Slovenian sweet bread I made. Then it changed to Smoren, another Slovenian dish. It's heavier than pancakes, but is like chopped pancakes. All cut up and browned, it's delicious with syrup! NUM!!!! Then gifts!!

We meet at our daughter's house and play games and pass out presents.

Open a couple of gifts, then eat a big breakfast, French toast casserole and a sausage/ egg casserole

A sleep-in morning after going to midnight mass. A leisurely breakfast of a make- ahead breakfast casserole. Just regroup after all the Christmas planning.

There is nothing like traveling with the family, on the highway thinking about that make ahead breakfast casserole that's ready for the oven.

The recipes on this site are excellent and have greatly added to my holidays!!

A hot, piping cup of dark roast coffee with a dollop of whipped cream, biscuits, bacon, and scrambled eggs with salsa!

Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. I love to cook, especially at holidays. These pans would be a great addition to my cookware.

Cinnamon Roll

stockings gifts cinnamon rolls gifts

I always make and bacon and eggs casserole the night before. When we get up I put it in the oven. Then we open gifts. By then the casserole is ready.

Sleep as late as possible, watch "Die Hard" during brunch.

Coffee and a hot bacon, egg and potato casserole on a Sunday morning before church

Christmas morning we get up and have egg bake and go to church we come home and hang out as family and then eat oyster stew, chili and baked ham/cheese sandwiches with mustard and poppy=seed dressing.

Thank you for a chance of winning . Need both really bad . Mine are pretty old , but we still use . Christmas morning we have Ham and egg casserole early , then for supper we cook up some soup from the leftovers . We have our family on Christmas Eve , then we enjoy our immediate family Christmas Day .

My family's Christmas morning tradition is to all get up while all wearing matching sleeping attire. Gather around the Xmas tree and open all the presents. Eat a big breakfast and make family memories. I'd love to win this great contest. Thanks for the chance.

Drinking coffee or hot chocolate with the tamales made the night before.

Thanks for the french toast casseroles. Our Christmas breakfast is waffles, bacon and coffee.

Love the 'overnight french toast' casserole. Maybe cause we all love french toast to begin with, but doing it this way makes things so much easier and far less 'mess'. Looking forward to trying a few more that are 'new' ones to us. Thanks again for the recipes AND the contest.

Thanks for the recipes and the giveaway - can't wait to try some of the recipes! Growing up, one of the favorite family traditions is being able to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. My mom usually picked it out, ended up being something that was special, meaningful, like a piece of jewelry, or something I had been really wanting and asking for all year, or something that had special significance to me. When it was jewelry or clothing, I would usually wear it during the midnight service at our church that occurred on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning tradition at our house has always been cinnamon rolls with juice, coffee and mimosas (for the adults). We would have that before opening gifts. Once gifts were opened and things picked up we would have a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast.

My children and grandchildren all arrive sometime after 10 AM. They open their gifts and then everyone enjoys fresh homemade lasagna and garlic cheese toast, with green bean casserole and fresh pumpkin pie for dessert.

Our favorite Christmas morning tradition is getting out in the kitchen and making a big batch of French toast. We've started to baking it in the oven.

I come from family of 9. We are adult's now ,with family of our own .Boulevard we all do same thing let kids open gifts then go to each others house for breakfast or lunch

I enjoy having such recipes at hand to try out and several of these sound quite tasty. I'd love to win either of the casserole pans.

I would Love to Win the Pans you are giving away. It Seems every time I turn around something bad happens , so I need a good w/no death ! !

Since we don't celebrate christmas, our tradition is to get up, enjoy breakfast and take care of the needs of the day.

Enjoying Christmas morn with my hubby while waiting for the kids to wake up and discover all of their presents.

I love this websites. Some of the best recipes appear here.

Yummy Breakfast recipes

That would have to be my mother's Christmas popovers - best in the world!

Kids open their presents while we sip coffee and take pictures. Then a nice big breakfast.

i make a breakfast casserole with a pot of coffee and wait for grandkids to come open their presents

I make a modified version of the Christmas morning breakfast casserole--so delicious!

Christmas morning is opening presents, having a light breakfast and get to cooking for the big dinner!

We say a prayer of Thanks for all we have, then have a small breakfast. Each open a gift, open a gift for the pets. Go downtown to the homeless shelter and give out blankets. Come back home and start dinner.

Opening presents before breakfast, then having a 'whatever you want' breakfast, prepare the turkey and stuffing, pop it in the oven and go to Mass.

Hot cocoa and watching the kids opening presents.

Hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls in our PJs! It's the best holiday tradition ever )


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