Chicken 65 Recipe (Restuarant Style)

This Restaurant style chicken 65 recipe is crisply fried with the simple… More

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Almond Celery

Easy vegetable recipes do not get more easy than this quick and easy… More

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How to Make Vinaigrette

The best way to take an ordinary salad and make it an extraordinary salad… More

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Slow Cooker Countdown

Welcome to our slow cooker countdown! Each week we will be featuring a new… More

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Addie K. Martin - Food Blogger

Addie K. Martin is an avid home cook, food lover, and recipe developer.… More

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Spanish Black Rice Paella with Squid Ink Based…

"This Spanish Black Rice Paella with Squid Ink Based Broth is truly what… More

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Restaurant Style Salsa

"Restaurant Style Salsa Made In The Blender In Under Five Minutes With… More

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9 Marinade Recipes to Try

Get your grill on with these great marinade recipes! These quick and easy… More

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Fish Cakes

"Fish Cakes - These delicious salmon fish cakes are both nourishing and… More

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Restaurant-Style Breaded Prawns

"One of the favourite restaurant starters for most of us, the breaded… More

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Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Instant Pot chicken curry Make this Indian Chicken curry recipe that… More

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Chicken Hotpot

"Chicken Hotpot - Its time for another NutriPic recipe and this week… More

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Applebee's Bourbon Street Steak

Learn how to cook a steak dinner just like they do at Applebee's. Cooking… More

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