3 Ingredient Oreo Cake

This 3 ingredient Oreo cake is insanely delicious! No cream, no butter, no… More

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Cinnamon Chocolate Covered Stuffed Dates

These dates are loaded with cinnamon spice flavors. Made with only 5… More

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4-ingredient Christmas Tree Brownie Bites

Its that time of year when sweets are a dime a dozen but my Christmas Tree… More

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5-Ingredient Lemon Bars

This 5-Ingredient Lemon Bars recipe is a no-stress version of a classic… More

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Easy Mysore Pak Recipe

The Mysore Pak recipe might seem too simple on the outside, but trust me… More

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5 Ingredient Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse

Chocolate cheesecake mousse can be a lifesaving dessert when you are… More

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2 Ingredient Donuts

My easy recipe for 2 Ingredient Donuts makes a quick treat or snack.… More

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Best-Ever M&M's Drop Cookies

These delicious MM's drop cookies are made with cake mix, which means that… More

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Apple Pie Punch

This apple pie punch is the perfect recipe for your Halloween or… More

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4-Ingredient Homemade Chocolate

Easy 4 Ingredient Recipe to make Homemade Chocolates!It's a simple Milk… More

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Cashew Clusters

These delicious cashew clusters are so simple to make. If you're look for… More

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Pecan Log Recipe

This recipe for pecan logs is so simple! If the idea of holiday baking… More

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M&M Pretzel Treats

These little Christmas treats are so easy to make and so delicious!… More

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Dunkaroo Dip

This homemade Dunkaroo Dip is a Funfetti version of Cake Batter Dip! So… More

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5-Ingredient Lemon Cake

Baking is a science and is all about exact measurements. Follow these… More

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