Skip the meat and go vegetarian with our great selection of vegetarian food recipes. From vegetarian chili and vegetarian lasagna to a vegetarian sandwich and vegetarian sausage, a vegetarian diet and vegetarian cooking has never been simpler.

how to cut leeks

Do you like leeks? I think leeks are totally underrated. This vegetable… More

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Satarash: Risotto Stir Fry

"Satarash, or risotto stir fry a contemporary take on a classic. Round… More

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Sprouted Moong Daal Parantha

Mothers this one is especially dedicated to you. A mother has to think of… More

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Spicy Chinese Noodles

"These mouthwatering spicy Chinese noodles are the most savory and… More

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Gojju Avalakki Recipe

"Gojju Avalakki Recipe also popularly known as Huli Avalakki is a… More

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Rustic Vegetarian Spinach Tart

"It is late summer, the best season to use the vegetables and fruits… More

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Vegetarian Tacos

"picked plant-based Ponzu sauce for those vegetarian tacos. If you are not… More

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Fusion Cooker Brussels Sprouts

"After I started using the Fusion Cooker, I made many of my favorite… More

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Pan Fried Tofu Recipe

Our pan-fried tofu recipe is a perfect choice for vegetarians seeking a… More

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Manchow Instant Noodles

"The Manchow Instant Noodles flavour is very tasty and it contains many… More

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Simple Cottage Cheese Loaf

This Simple Cottage Cheese Loaf calls for breadcrumbs instead of cereal,… More

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Tofu "Egg" Salad

"Now that it is January and the holidays are done, it is time to start… More

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Vegetarian Chow Mein With Fried Honey Tofu

"Vegetarian luxurious food? Yup. Right here. This Vegetarian Chow Mein… More

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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garbanzos and…

"Found this little gem of a recipe the other day while on Pinterest. I… More

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Spiced Pumpkin Puree with Carrots

"Most people have pureed pumpkin during the autumn season when pumpkin is… More

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