Skip the meat and go vegetarian with our great selection of vegetarian food recipes. From vegetarian chili and vegetarian lasagna to a vegetarian sandwich and vegetarian sausage, a vegetarian diet and vegetarian cooking has never been simpler.

Air Fryer Vegan Lentil Burgers

Air Fryer Vegan Lentil Burgers. You will love these delicious homemade… More

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South Indian Sambar

Are you looking for a flavorful comforting healthy low-calorie recipe to… More

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Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini

This Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini recipe is a delicious side dish bursting… More

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Spooky Skull Vegan Pot Pies

Happy October! Ive gotten out some of my fun Halloween pans and cookie… More

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Guava Jam

Guava is a typical tropical fruit, commonly enjoyed in Central America,… More

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Garlic Onion Sauteed Zucchini

It's zucchini season and we always have a lot of zucchini to use up. The… More

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Eggplant Parmesan

Classic Eggplant Parmesan with pan fried breaded eggplant layered with… More

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Peach Tiramisu

Do you know tiramisu? The Italian creamy dessert is prepared with Italian… More

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A Unique Twist To Regular Iftar-vegetarian Iftar…

Today I prepared a simple Veg Iftar platter that can be consumed any day.… More

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One-pot Meals | Easy To Make Mexican Veg Rice…

A vegetarian one-pot lunch or dinner recipe, Mexican rice loaded with… More

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Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice | South Indian Style Rice with Step By Step Photos, Hi… More

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Red Currant Chutney

Red currants are beautiful ruby red berries that are in season right now.… More

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Pickled Banana Peppers

These are the best pickled banana peppers because they are easy, crips,… More

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Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower

Love cheesy tasting cauliflower, but want to skip the dairy? This recipe… More

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Tofu Teriyaki Bowl

I try to incorporate an occasional vegetarian dish into our dinner menu.… More

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