10 Minute Miracle Cookies


10 Minute Miracle Cookies

What's the miracle behind these 10 Minute Miracle Cookies? The miracle is that they're made with cake mix and just two other basic ingredients. Chances are you already have all three of these ingredients sitting in your kitchen pantry. So what are you waiting for? These miracle cookies are a perfect fast-fix recipe for a party, a bake sale, or any social gathering. You can even customize the cookies and the glaze to your own personal preferences. If you've never tried cake mix recipes for cookies before, give this version a shot. Using cake mix as your main baking ingredient can be truly life-changing. You’ll never want to make cookies from scratch again! This recipe for 10 Minute Miracle Cookies is a quick and easy way to get a sweet treat prepared for friends and family.


Make baking cookies easy with 13 Incredible Recipes for Cake Mix Cookies!



We used a spice cake mix and added a pinch of cinnamon to the glaze. You may use any flavor cake mix you like and adjust the glaze flavor to match.

Cooking Time10 min

Cooking MethodOven


  • 1 package cake mix, any flavor
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Prepare two cookie sheets lined with parchment.
  2. Mix dry cake mix with eggs and oil using an electric mixer or wooden spoon.
  3. Scoop out a tablespoonful using a small ice cream scoop and roll between your palms into 1-inch balls.  Place 2 inches apart on the cookie sheet and press with a flat-bottom glass which has been dipped into sugar to a thickness of ¼-inch.
  4. Bake 8- 10 minutes. Let cool slightly before removing to a cooling rack.


Optional Glaze:

1 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon cream or milk
a drop or two of vanilla
a pinch of cinnamon (optional)

  1. Combine all ingredients and stir until smooth, adding more cream by teaspoonful if necessary to achieve a glaze consistency.
  2. Spread on cookies and allow to set before serving.


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This is an amazing idea. Cookies usually take so long to make that I never make them as it's too much trouble. I will definitely make these as they are so easy and I always have cake mix in the cupboard. I think I may try the cappuccino cake mix I usually buy and add in some chocolate chips.

What a fabulous idea to make cookies so easily, and with the option to change it up by using different cake mixes. I can't decide which cake mix to try first! I do like snickerdoodles, so I wonder what flavor of cake mix I should use. Is spice cake the way to go?

I am absolutely thrilled to find this 10 Minute Miracle Cookies recipe. It is so great to be able to make cookies so easily. I've gotten into the habit of keeping different flavor cake mixes on hand to whip them up. My favorites are red velvet, chocolate, apple spice, and vanilla. I love the convenience of deciding to make cookies and not having to search through my recipes.

I was familiar with the concept of cake mix cookies and it's a great way to use extra boxes of cake mix when you don't really have the desire to bake a cake. This is wonderfully flexible and I've used this to make chocolate cookies before. Apple spice cake also makes some really tasty cookies as well.

Using cake mix to make cookies...hmmm, I had no clue that was even possible. I love how versatile this recipe is...the combinations are virtualy endless. Applesauce instead of oil is a great idea to make it more healthy...Gracie, and I love using coconut oil as well Rosemarie. I wonder if the eggs can be substituted with flax seeds or something else.

What a great idea to make cookies using cake mix! I've realised that the basic ingredients are usually the same for cookies and cakes but cookie dough requires more flour to make it stiffer. Using oil in place of margarine is really nice I've tried this. I like coconut oil especially for cookies.

Substituting unsweetened applesauce for the oil also makes then healthier. Adding more oil or in this case applesauce will likely make them a bit softer as well.

Just three ingredients for this cookie? Seems easy to make. However, I wonder if I could substitute egg whites in place of the eggs? I don't usually stock eggs because we only use the whites, so I started buying egg whites from Costco. Would substituting egg whites do the trick? I'm not sure if this will work with this recipe. I've substituted egg whites for egg yolks in the pumpkin chiffon pie, and it tastes just as good. We can't tell the difference that there's no egg yolks in them.

Easiest. Cookies. Ever. I loved them when they were made using a spice cake - they were like ginger snaps on steroids - so good! Such a clever idea, fun to make with the whole family. Try lots of different cake mix flavors...or maybe we'll mix two next time.

Tastes just like the holidays!

If you're looking for a simple cookie recipe that also tastes delicious, this is it!

These cookies are pretty delicious. They taste really similar to snickerdoodles!

If I didn't know these cookies were made of cake mix, I would have never guessed. They taste storebought, which may or may not be your cup of tea. I love storebought cookies, so I'm sold.

This recipe is pretty nifty considering that you can make a variety of flavors depending on the cake mix you buy. However, this particular batch came out a little crunchy, but that makes them perfect for dunking!

These are easy and have a great spice to them. I prefer chewier cookies, but these are perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday season!

I actually like that these are a little on the crunchier side. They're the quintessential Christmas spice cookie.

These cookies are very good and very simple. Made with spice cake mix, they have a really nice flavor. The only problem is that they're a little hard, but you can just keep some bread in the container with the cookies.

Yum, these cookies tasted like Christmas. They tasted good with a vanilla glaze on top

If you're looking for a quick and easy cookie recipe, this is perfect. This cookie was crunchier than I would have liked but the spice version was definitely tasty!

I used a spice cake mix, and they were delicious!

I have made these and put a candy corn on top or a walnut half or a lemon drop to add a little decoration. I like OOME's idea of using a melon baller, which would make them smaller than the scoop I have used. I may be able to get 6 dozen that way. Whenever I take these to an event, the disappear quickly. Usually I use lemon cake mix.

I have made these and put a candy corn on top or a walnut half or a lemon drop. At events where I have taken these, they go quickly. I like the idea posted by OOME to use a melon baller, which would make them smaller than the scoop I have used. I might be able to get six dozen that way.

I made these for the first time today. They were definitely easy. I added a bag of chocolate chips to the mix. I will only add half a bag next time as the whole bag was too much. I also lightly greased my cookie sheets before baking. It only took me about an hour from start to finish. I will definitely be making these again.

Should you lightly grease the pans,or would the oil used in the cookies be enough so they won't stick? Thank you!

These are so good and so easy. Change the cake mix flavor as you like. I have people always asking for my cookies. Makes at least 6dz per box. I can usually mix, scoop with melon baller, and bake all 6 dz in less than thirty mins! It ony takes my oven 7 mins to cook. Add different chips, dried fruit, nuts as you see fit. It's great for busy people.

You can make any flavor cookie in no time and it is great. You can add chips, nuts, fruit as you like for variety. Try it, it really is a miracle on time. Use parchment paper and there is no clean up except a spoon and bowl.

Dip the glass in granulated sugar for a nice sugar cookie effect.


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