Alcoholic Drinks

Champagne Punch

A refreshing and light sangria drink is perfect for a gathering or most… More

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Earl Grey Cocktail

This cocktail recipe for an Earl Grey Martini is fast and easy to follow.… More

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Pineapple Raspberry Margarita

"My Pineapple Margarita with Raspberry Sauce will have you celebrating the… More

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Layered Spiderman Cocktail

"So, you want to make a drink to celebrate the new Spiderman movie? Or… More

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Spiced Sherry ‘Sack’ Posset with Cinnamon and…

"Spiced sherry Sack posset pickled cherry, cinnamon sugar is a modern… More

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Mandarin Pickle Hoop La Cocktail

"Mandarin pickle Hoop la! cocktail is a modern seasonal pickle twist on… More

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Classic Penicillin Cocktail

"This drink wont cure any diseases, but the Penicillin Cocktail will sure… More

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French Martini Recipe

"This delectable gorgeous French Martini is made with three ingredients in… More

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Gold Rush Cocktail

"The Gold Rush Cocktail is a beautifully sweet mixture that is so easy to… More

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Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

"You may be surprised to learn that despite its name, the long island iced… More

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Paper Airplane Cocktail

"A lot of flavor in this little coupe glass. The Paper Airplane Cocktail… More

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Easy White Wine Sangria

"Nothing says summer like a refreshing pitcher of white wine sangria,… More

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Cranberry Orange Mimosa

"The good thing about a mimosa is that theres almost never an… More

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Fresh Strawberry Frosé

If you haven't tried the frose (AKA frozen rose wine) trend yet, this… More

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