Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a great way to cook fast. These pressure cooker recipes, from pressure cooker pot roast to pressure cooker fried chicken, are real favorites. Why not try a pressure cooker recipe tonight? You'll love pressure cooker pork chops.

10 Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

It's super easy to cook with a pressure cooker (or an Instant Pot, which… More

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20 Minute Chicken Cacciatore

"A pressure cooked Chicken Cacciatore served in a crusty Italian roll for… More

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5 Healthy Meal Prep Ideas You Can Do With Your…

Despite the popularity of Instant Pot, a lot of Instant Pot owners are not… More

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Acapulco Chicken

This recipe for boneless chicken is one of the best ways to cook boneless… More

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Almond Cod with Peas

Pressure cooker recipes are great because they are quick and super easy.… More

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Apple Squash Soup

This vegetable soup recipe is one of the best easy soup recipes around.… More

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Artichokes with Herbs

Use this recipe to show you that cooking whole artichokes is easy and… More

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Asian Pepper Steak

Cooking perfect steak has never been easier thanks to this recipe for… More

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Barbacoa Burrito Bowl

"A layered burrito bowl with Mexican style shredded beef, barbacoa, on top… More

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Barbecue Chicken and Hot Links

Barbecue is always a tasty choice no matter what. Good barbecue chicken… More

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Barbecue Pot Roast

A good simple barbecue pot roast recipe is hard to find. Good thing you… More

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Basic Sabbath Stew

This easy stew recipe, otherwise known as cholent, is a Jewish staple most… More

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Basic Vegetable Stock

Stocks and broths are a super simple way to add bonus flavor to soups and… More

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Beans 'n Greens

Beans 'n Greens is a simple and hearty dish that cooks in no time thanks… More

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