Snickerdoodle Poppers


Snickerdoodle Poppers


Snickerdoodle Poppers 11
Snickerdoodle Poppers

It may surprise you just how easy these Snickerdoodle Poppers are to make. They'll be done within thirty minutes, but they taste like they took hours to make. A cinnamon sugar mixture coats the outside of these beautiful balls; inside tastes like heaven. The white chocolate filling is a pleasant surprise. Once you pop one of these babies in your mouth, you'll have a hard time resisting a second or even a third. Make this dessert for a party or potluck because they're perfectly portable.

Makes30 poppers

Cooking Vessel SizeMedium pot

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These poppers look dreamy. What is the best way to serve them? Should they be on a platter by themselves, or should I whip up a warm batch of caramel sauce for everyone to use? I think they will be so tasty with the dip. I just love the combination of the cinnamon and the caramel sauce. A rich, creamy caramel would be best for these poppers.

These are delicious! I would have never thought about adding a white chocolate filling to a cinnamon snack!

I knew this recipe was good just by looking at it but based on the comments, it seems like they come out just as good as they look! My brother loves snickerdoodles so I know he would really like these. They're like a better, stuffed version of munchkins- yummy!

These look really good. We love snickerdoodles, so I know these will be a it at our house. I dont know if I could do it all in 15 minutes, but it is nice to know they are quick to make. I dont usually read the back story on recipes, but I did on this one. I wonder what her husband said when he saw the blog.

These look scrumptious. I love snickerdoodle cookies and having something similar filled with a creamy filling makes my mouth water. These look pretty simple to make, but I'm also a bit skeptical that they could be produced as fast as the writer suggests. Since they look more than worth the time and effort it would take to make them, I do plan to cook up a batch. I've got some meetings coming up, and I know these will be extremely popular.

This dessert combines two of my favorite sweet treats- doughnuts and snicker doodle cookies! I really like this recipe because it doesn't look too messy tonight. I've never seen poppers like this before and I'm definitely adding this to my list of desserts that I need to try.

These are like cream filled cake doughnut centers. Maybe it is just me, but I think the time given is short. But all recipes seem to take me longer to do until I have made them a bunch of times. Any flavor filling you think would pair well with cinnamon would work. Butterscotch would be one.

Wow, these look amazing for when you have a bit more time to make a yummy dessert! I've had snickerdoodle cookies before, but never seen poppers like these! I bet the filling is just delicious! I would probably try making these in the deep fryer rather than cooking oil in a pan, and it would probably speed up the process too since you could make at one time. I'd like to experiment with different fillings too - chocolate or even fruit! Yum!

These poppers look awesome. I have to make them. It looks easy to do as well and that is always a winner for me. Quick, easy and tasty! I'm not sure what snickerdoodles are (I'm from South Africa) but I hear about them all the time. They seem to be some kind of cookie so this is an interesting way to cook them.

I love snickerdoodles and these look like every kind of good! I would not think to put the yogurt in the recipe but that must be what keeps it moist? How long do you think these would keep for and could they be frozen? I'm thinking regular chocolate pudding might be good too.

Alright. The search for dessert recipes for my Super Bowl party has officially begun. These Snickerdoodle Poppers look like just the thing to fit the bill. The recipe says "easy" so I'm going to go for it, even though I'm not very skilled at frying pastries. The recipe appears to be clearly written so I'm not anticipating any real problems, and I'm sure the end result will be great.

I think I will add these to my holiday cookies. My son loves Snickerdoodles, but he doesn't like the dry biscuit taste of the cookie. He always wants me to make them, but he only eats like two of them after they are done. I think this will give him the best of both worlds! This is absolutely genius! Do you think that these would be good with a vanilla custard filling instead of vanilla pudding? My son has never been a big pudding fan, but he loves my homemade custard. I wish he did like pudding! It would definitely take a lot of the work out of a lot of recipes! )

OMG! I love Snickerdoodle cookies and pudding I can just taste the two together! I am so going to make these Snickerdoodle Poppers. The recipe sounds so easy and I like the story behind or while she was making them. I can see the Grand kids now, wanting more than one for sure. Can one ever be enough? No way! This Granny will give 3 or 4 at a time. LOL Thank you so much for this free Dessert Recipe!

Well these look interesting! I may have to give them a try.

I love snickerdoodle cookies, so these poppers are right up my alley. I can't wait to try them!


Yep! Jell-O is just the brand of pudding that this blogger used and all-purpose flour is the same thing as plain flour. Hope that helps!


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