Layered Pineapple Dream

Layered Pineapple Dream
Layered Pineapple Dream

Light and airy, this Layered Pineapple Dream is a heavenly dessert that you could eat forkful after forkful of. Made with a graham cracker crust and layers of luscious cream cheese, Cool Whip, and pineapple filling, this easy dessert recipe would be perfect to make for a spring or summer get together with friends and family. When you bring this awesome layered dessert to a potluck or party, you're sure to get rave reviews from the crowd. For even more delicious ideas for pineapple desserts, try our full collection, 13 Easy Pineapple Desserts.


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Chilling Time4 hr

Cooking Time10 min


  • For the Crust:
  • 2 1/2 cups graham crumbs (2 sleeves)
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • For the Layers:
  • 2 cups powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 8 ounces Cool Whip
  • 1 (20-ounce) can pineapple, drained well


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

  2. Melt butter in the microwave and allow to cool.

  3. Combine the crumbs and butter and toss together until incorporated. Press 2 cups of the crumb mixture firmly into an 99 square pan and bake for 8-10 minutes. Place on wire rack to cool.

  4. Beat the cream cheese and butter together until creamy. Turn the mixture down to low and add the powdered sugar one cup at a time until incorporated.

  5. Turn up and beat well for a minute or so. Add a heaping tablespoon of the drained pineapple and stir in with a rubber spatula.

  6. Spread the cream cheese and pineapple mixture over the crust.

  7. Fold the remaining pineapple into the Cool Whip and spread on top of the cream cheese mixture.

  8. Sprinkle the remaining graham cracker crumb mixture on top. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

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what is a 99 square pan?

I love pineapple cheesecake, so this Layered Pineapple Dream recipe attracted my attention. Other than the crust, it is basically "no bake" which makes it even better for me. I have to admit I sprinkled toasted coconut on top, I just can't resist the combination of pineapple and coconut. Bottom line...the dream has come true with this recipe.

This is sort of and I mean that in ever since of the word, like a no bake cheese cake. I love the ingredients list and this dessert is not kind to the waist line at all but it does sound like a dream. I also like that it's just a mix, set and eat dessert.

This recipe would have been a big hit with my Mother. Right after coconut, a pineapple was one of her favorite dessert ingredients. The recipe sounds easy enough to make, but I will probably purchase a prepared graham cracker crust just to save time for myself.

This is actually a recipe from the McCall's Great American recipe card files sold in the 1970's. It's name is Pineapple Icebox Dessert. It was (and is) one of my favorites. Shame on Amanda for changing the name and trying to pass it off as her own.

This dessert looks really good - anything with pineapple is usually a crowd pleaser too! I like how simple this recipe is, it would be easy to make with kids too. This type of dessert is always popular at potlucks and showers. It's nice and light and fruity and just perfect for a summer dessert. I'd like to try making individual ones in little ramekins too!

This recipe reminds me of church potlucks. The ladies would often bring desserts like this and I always liked them. (the ladies and their desserts) I think you could use a purchased graham cracker crust if you wanted, although you would not have the graham cracker sprinkles for the top, unless you had some crackers in your pantry. I would probably use real whipped cream for the recipe too. I think it would be really light and fluffy and taste kind of like pineapple cheesecake, only lighter! Yummy!

Am I having a pineapple dream? This has to be an amazing dessert, with so much sugar and butter. Then to add cream cheese, Cool Whip, and pineapple?! I have to make this soon. This sounds even better than cheesecake.

I simply love the name of this dessert! The recipe reminds me of fruit pie and cheesecake recipes, but with a texture more like ice cream because of the Cool Whip. I think a tiny bit of ground cinnamon added to the graham cracker crumbs would be nice too. Also, cookie crumbs might work well if graham cracker crumbs are not available.

I know my kids will go crazy over this recipe. It sounds so delicious and light. I think it will definitely go on the grocery list this week because I think I want to try it more than they probably will. It looks so dreamy. Thanks for posting this yummy bit!

This is very light and great on a hot day. If you don't like pineapple, substitute another fruit. My husband doesn't like pineapple in desserts, but he loves blueberries. If it is for me, I use pineapple though. Fresh strawberries would be amazing too.

Can this recipe be made with real whipping cream instead of Cool Whip?

Yes I can be made with real whipping cream. In fact an easier route to go would be to top it with a pineapple zest.

Can this be made with real whipping cream instead of Cool Whip?

What is the total servings for this recipe?

This was AWESOME!!!! I put a heaping tablespoon of crushed pineapple (well drained) in the cream cheese part and the rest of it I folded into the CoolWhip. It was wonderful and so easy to make. I would recomment putting Saran Wrap over it when you refrigerate it, tho.

how can u add a heaping tablespoon of pineapple juice?u cannot heap up liquid!!

The recipe says to add a heaping tablespoon of drained pineapple, not juice.

The recipe says to add a heaping tablespoon of drained pineapple, not juice.

I'm so sorry... Not sure why it posted my comment twice.

This is sooo yummmy. I grew up on this dessert..or even an awesome breakfast. you will love it

How about strawberry or blueberry?

Use the crushed.

OH MY!!! My Grandma would make whatever cake we wanted for our birthdays and this is the one I had many years!! I have looked and looked for this recipe as she is with the Lord now. TY TY... AWESOME, cake y'all!!! You won't be disappointed!

MODERATION in CONSUMPTION, dear Francett 1280237! ;-)

What type of pineapple do you use? Chunks, tidbits, sliced, or crushed?

I used crushed as that was the only thing I could find in that ozs stated.

This may be light in texture but 1 cup of butter used in a 9 inch square pan, doesn't equate to light on the calories or figure.


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