Fresh Pomegranate Salad

Middle Eastern cucumber salads are some of the lightest and tastiest… More

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Black Bean and Garbanzo Hummus

Hummus with a twist of black beans! The creaminess of the tahini added to… More

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Habanero Hummus

For a truly spicy rendition of traditional middle eastern hummus, try this… More

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Root Veggie Chips with Carrot Hummus

"Healthy and delicious roasted carrot hummus with root vegetable chips.… More

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Carrot Hummus

This hummus recipe is delicious. Recipes for homemade hummus do not taste… More

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Smoky Sweet Potato Hummus

This Smoky Sweet Potato Hummus is to die for. Ready in 20 minutes, this is… More

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Mediterranean Shakshuka with Feta

"Comforting shakshuka with feta cheese - the most perfect breakfast… More

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Irresistible Spiced Grilled Chicken

Sometimes, a delicious dinner comes from a simple spiced grilled chicken… More

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Chicken and Beet Hummus Wrap

"Filled with tender chicken, a mixture of beets and greens, and creamy… More

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Roasted Red Pepper Almond Hummus

"Thick and creamy hummus with lots of roasted red bell peppers and salted… More

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