Olive Garden Copycat Lasagna

Garfield isn't the only cat who loves lasagna. Try this copycat recipe for… More

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Baked Gnocchi Recipe

Learn how to make this baked gnocchi recipe with marinara sauce, ground… More

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Addie's No-Bake Tiramisu

I spend time writing menus for restaurants, and this recipe has its place… More

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Easy Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

"This easy chicken lasagna recipe has a creamy alfredo base with chicken… More

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Easy Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast

"Tender, juicy, and full of flavor, this Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast is… More

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Ruby Tuesday Chicken Quesadilla

Ruby Tuesday features some of the best food around. Use copycat restaurant… More

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19 Newly Uncovered Copycat Recipes, Also 3 More…

Get the inside scoop on your favorite copycat recipes from restaurants.… More

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Becky’s Eggplant Parmesan

No frying, no oil, no problem! This recipe is so easy and much lighter… More

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Italian Chocolate Salami

"Chocolate salami? No it's not chocolate mixed with all kinds of meats. It… More

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Ratatouille Casserole

Try your hand at a traditional French stewed vegetable dish with this… More

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Chicken Tetrazzini

"If youre looking for an easy comfort food casserole with minimal… More

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Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich

Slowly cooked to absorb all of it's flavor, this juicy italian beef recipe… More

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Chicken Alfredo

Golden brown pan-seared chicken paired with rich cheesy alfredo and… More

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Olive Garden-Inspired Zuppa Toscana Soup

Take your favorite Italian soup home with this Olive Garden-Inspired Zuppa… More

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17 Free Campbells Soup Recipes

In a world where so much can seem so convoluted and complicated, it's… More

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