Skip the meat and go vegetarian with our great selection of vegetarian food recipes. From vegetarian chili and vegetarian lasagna to a vegetarian sandwich and vegetarian sausage, a vegetarian diet and vegetarian cooking has never been simpler.

Vegan Stuffed Green Peppers

These Vegan Stuffed Green Peppers are made with tempeh, tamari, basil,… More

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Spinach + Artichoke Mediterranean Galette

"This Spinach Artichoke Mediterranean Galette has sun-dried tomatoes,… More

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Instant Pot Mexican Quinoa

Instant Pot Mexican Quinoa. How to make a delicious fast Mexican quinoa… More

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Corn Succotash (Anthony Bourdain's)

"This Gluten-free Weight Watchers Friendly Corn Succotash is made with… More

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Tofu Sloppy Joes

This tofu joe recipe is a great vegetarian version of a childhood… More

(1 Votes) 15 Min

Bean & Mushroom Stroganoff

For a delicious and hearty meal, this Bean and Mushroom Stroganoff cannot… More

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Almond Milk

Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant or craving a tasty beverage, this… More

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Guava Paste

"Guava paste is made well from the fresh guava fruit. This sweet may be a… More

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Swiss Cheese Fondue

I'm a real cheese lover and if you love cheese as much as I do, then a… More

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Down Home Vegan BBQ Burger

"If you're craving a hearty veggie burger, this Down Home Vegan BBQ Burger… More

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German Red Cabbage

"Braised German Red CAbbage is a classic side dish in Europe. We serve… More

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Cabbage with Coconut Stir Fry

"Indian style stir fry cabbage with fresh coconut, lentils, mustard seeds,… More

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Middle Eastern Roasted Eggplant with White Bean…

"A healthy vegetarian dinner idea, this middle eastern roasted eggplant is… More

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African Pineapple Peanut Stew

Here are some fun facts on vegetables: they make for delicious dishes. get… More

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