Rice, no matter if it's brown rice, wild rice, sticky rice or basmati rice, is always a delicious choice. Cook up some fried rice, with rice pudding for dessert. Chicken and rice is also a great choice. You cant go wrong with our rice dishes.

Spanish Rice

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Italian Stuffed Peppers

"Stuffed with quinoa, brown rice and Italian sausage, these Italian… More

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Bay Scallop Risotto with Prosciutto

"Risotto perfectly cooked with prosciutto and bay scallops, finishing with… More

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Mushroom and Wild Rice Pilaf

Add some fancy to your side dish with wild rice recipes. This Mushroom and… More

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Spanish Onion Rice With Garlic Sauce | A Simply…

This Spanish Onion Rice with Garlic Sauce is packed with Spanish flavors,… More

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Jerk Pork Rice Bowl in the Slow Cooker

"Make this Jerk Pork Rice Bowl in the slow cooker for a quick and easy… More

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Sticky Rice

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Spanish Rice

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Spanish Paella From Restaurante La Murciana In…

Just a couple of days ago, it was my birthday. To celebrate, I went to a… More

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Cashew Rice

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Donne Biryani

Donne Biryani – This Donne Biryani recipe is about to become your… More

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Instant Pot Brown Rice

"Instant Pot Brown Rice has become very popular in our house. We love… More

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Cilantro Rice

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Blackstone Ham & Pineapple Fried Rice

Blackstone Ham and Pineapple Fried Rice puts another spin on our classic… More

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Lime Coconut Rice

"Quick and easy lime coconut rice that is the perfect side dish, and a… More

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