Roasted Garlic In The Microwave

Roasting a head of garlic doesn’t get any better or any easier than… More

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Microwave Spinach

Want wilted spinach fast that keeps its nutrients? Then let me introduce… More

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How To Steam Green Beans In Microwave

Steam Green Beans In Microwave. Let me introduce you to the most delicious… More

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Microwave Shrimp Primavera

If you find that it’s a struggle to get healthy, home-cooked meals on… More

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Microwave Brownie Recipe

This microwave brownie recipe is the quickest and easiest way to satisfy a… More

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16 Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes

You can make easy microwave dinner recipes that don't require the stovetop… More

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Healthy Chunky Monkey Rice Bowl

"In just 3 minutes you can enjoy an easy breakfast, lunch, or snack… More

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Microwave Lemon Bars

This is not your grandmother's lemon bars recipe. Microwave Lemon Bars are… More

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1-Minute Mug Cookie

Everyone loves a hot, gooey cookie right out the oven, but sometimes it… More

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4-Minute Carrot Cake

What happens when you are desperately craving a carrot cake but you don't… More

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Microwave Apple Crisp

This Microwave Apple Crisp recipe is a quick way to make a delicious… More

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3-2-1 Mug Cake

This recipe for 3-2-1 Mug Cake is exactly as simple as it sounds. In fact,… More

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One-Minute Apple Crisp for One

Single serving desserts are perfect for when you want a sweet treat but… More

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Rick's Italian Meatballs

For quick and easy meatball recipe goodness, Rick's Italian meatballs… More

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Hemp Plus Granola Chocolate Crunch

If you're looking for a crunchy, sweet snack, make this quick and easy… More

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