Delicious Pumpkin Pie Dip

"A quick and easy pumpkin pie dip that tastes just like pumpkin pie, but… More

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Black Eyed Pea Dip

"Black Eyed Pea Dip is perfect for New Years Day or any time of the year!… More

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Fruit Skewers and Coconut Yogurt Dip

"Raw Fruit Skewers is a delicious refreshing summertime dessert. But let… More

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Texas Caviar

"This Texas Caviar is a healthy, fresh salsa made with bell peppers,… More

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Baked Chicken Salad Pie

This baked chicken recipe is a unique dish, to say the least. Is it a… More

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Rotel Dip

Rotel Dip is made with three simple ingredients. Ground beef, Velveeta… More

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Butterfinger Dip

"Everything has been crazy around my house it is always like this during… More

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Loaded Potato Party Dip

Nobody can resist a good dip at a party, especially when it looks like… More

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Italian Hoagie Dip Appetizer

Turn the classic Italian hoagie sandwich into a delicious and easy dip… More

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Fiesta Chorizo Queso Dip

This Fiesta Chorizo Queso Dip is absolutely the cheesiest dip recipe… More

(1 Votes) 5 Min

Million Dollar Dip

This party dip is packed with a creamy mayo base, savory crumbled bacon,… More

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Easy Light Queso Dip

"This Easy Queso Dip is lightened up with skim evaporated milk nonfat… More

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Fiesta Spread for a Crowd

For an instant crowd-pleaser at all of your parties and events, make the… More

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Best Buffalo Chicken Dip

This Best Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe by Campbell's will satisfy every… More

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3-Ingredient Pumpkin Dip

"This delicious festive dip is both simple & HEALTHY! You read that right!… More

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