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January 24, 2014 – Northbrook, IL – In an article published this week on the Mequoda website daily blog, RecipeLion was recognized for its success as a major online media publisher as well as its fast growth. Mequoda Group, a consulting service for online publishing, noted “an astonishingly steady growth” in visits to since 2009. In fact, the site’s unique monthly visitor count is now at nearly 900,000 when in 2009 it was just an average of 126,000.

Part of RecipeLion’s success, according to Mequoda, can be attributed to the various engagement opportunities it offers its readers. With fresh content developed specifically with the audience in mind, a vibrant social media network, a free email newsletter, weekly giveaways, downloadable eCookbooks and more, RecipeLion has created many avenues to keep its readers clicking.

The article goes on to note the success of one of RecipeLion’s newest endeavors: working more closely with a network of bloggers to develop new content. “Bloggers find working with as an opportunity to have their recipes in our newsletters, on our web site, and in our free eCookbooks, and to be seen by hundreds of thousands of our subscribers,” said Stuart Hochwert, President of Prime Publishing, which operates RecipeLion as well as 12 other food websites and 17 craft websites.

RecipeLion places a high priority on its social nature as a community-driven site. According to the Mequoda article, “social media is clearly a winner for the site.” One example of this is Pinterest. In 2013 alone, traffic coming to RecipeLion from Pinterest increased 215%. Facebook, too, has become an increasingly popular platform for the site. Since 2012, traffic from Facebook to RecipeLion surged 213%.

The combination of effective email marketing, reader-driven website content and strong social media strategies have put RecipeLion at the forefront of web publishing alongside some of the world’s largest food brands. According to the Mequoda article, RecipeLion’s success “shows that you don’t have to be Condé Nast to compete in a crowded field.”

Rachel Kallison
Editorial Director, Food Group
Prime Publishing


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